Everquest 2 Receives 300% Player Base Increase After Going Free-To-Play

If you provide gamers with a free platform to play with and then offer them in-app purchases for those games you can instantaneously create a successful gaming system, at least that’s the conclusion at Sony Online Entertainment after the company made their popular online game EverQuest 2 available as a free-to-play platform in December.

This week Sony president John Smedley revealed on Twitter that the company’s player base for EveryQuest 2 has increased by a huge 300%, while daily logins are increasing by upwards of 40 percent.

While Sony isn’t making money off the free-to-play signups they have also announced that in-game item purchases have risen by 200% providing evidence that users are more willing to dole out their hard earned cash if they get to choose which items to buy with that money.

What might be most impressive is the fact that the increase in userbase came just as some pretty tough competition entered the market, namely the much anticipated MMOG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Are you surprised to learn that Everquest 2 has surged in popularity thanks to the free-to-play model? Did you jump on-board when the game went free-to-play?