‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 5 Midseason Premiere Airs February 8

The Walking Dead spoilers for the Season 5 midseason premiere abound. Will Daryl finally get a love interest? Is Morgan up to no good or simply hoping to find his old pal Rick? Walking Dead spoilers, which nearly overtake the internet at the start of each new season or after a midseason break, are sometimes accurate, at least a little bit correct, or off base entirely. The predictions are fun to ponder nevertheless.

Walking Dead spoilers garnering the most attention online at the moment involve the untimely death of Tyrese, crazy hallucinations by at least one member of Rick’s group, and a reunion with Morgan. Many of the Walking Dead spoiler alerts stem from the infamous Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page. The fan group reportedly has a high percentage of accuracy when it comes to predictions and spoilers. An Inquisitr Walking Dead spoiler alert about the death of Meryl Dixon, complete with photo of “walker” Merle, stemmed from a Spoiling Dead Fans post.

Tyrese will be the first death from Rick Grimes’ beleaguered band of survivors, if The Walking Dead spoilers are accurate. The death of Tyrese allegedly takes place in Episode 9 or 10, so he will be around to babysit Judith at least a little while longer. It has been rumored that Tyrese will perhaps be bitten by a walker not long after the group arrives at new location called Shirewilt.

The Shirewilt gated community may be among the images shown in the currently circulating Season 5 midseason premiere trailer by AMC. The family of Noah, the young man Beth befriended before her tragic and bloody demise, lives at Shirewilt, according to the Walking Dead spoiler alerts.

Morgan Jones will finally be reunited with Rick Grimes while the group searches for refuge while still mourning the loss of Beth. Despite the angst by Walking Dead fans over the loss of enigmatic Beth and her sweet singing voice during turbulent times, millions of TWD fans are rejoicing over the group gathering back together once again.


The “crazy hallucinations” Walking Dead spoilers are perhaps the most unusual of all the predictions currently being tossed about by fans of the hit AMC series. According to a Design & Trend report, “one petrified member” of the Rick Grimes group will suffer from hallucinations that “go on forever.” The alleged hallucinations reportedly include images of a walker in a car and of a tree. Perhaps Tyrese could be the one to suffer from the hallucinations which lead up to or happen after becoming a zombie snack.

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'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Midseason Premiere airs February 8 at 9 p.m.

What do you think will happen when Morgan finds Rick? How do you feel about the rest of the Walking Dead spoilers?

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