Circus Prodigy Dead At 10 Years Old, Found After Mysterious Strangulation

10-year-old acrobat, juggler and street-performance prodigy Caleb “Flip” Kors was found strangled in his bedroom this week, leaving the entire circus community and its fans stunned. Caleb was found strewn among his various acrobatic equipment and investigators believe he may have slipped while climbing to retrieve an unknown object, perhaps one of his many costumes.

A spokesman for the police said of the incident:

“The young man died in what appears to be an accidental hanging. How he got there, we’re not actually sure.”

Strangely Doesburg, one of Caleb’s circus instructors told ABC News:

“He was an amazing kid. Incredible.”

Doesburg added:

“A kid can learn to juggle and do partner acrobatics and mime or whatever, and those are all things I was teaching him. But he brought this boundless enthusiasm for interacting with other people. Caleb at 10 could read a person or crowd and see what they needed and take them to a special place. He could say, ‘Hey I’m going to juggle.Be a part of this with me.’”

Grief counselors were on hand at the boy’s school after the incident to speak with students, parents and teachers following the accidental strangulation.

Caleb was loved in his community where he could often be found performing next to his mom’s jewelry stand at a local farmer’s market in Bellingham.

Our condolences go out to Caleb’s family and friends during their time of mourning.

If you knew Caleb or witnessed him perform feel free to share your memories about the young circus prodigy in our comments section.