Britney Spears Gets Ready In 10-Second Super Bowl Commercial

Britney Spears knows how to get people talking. Her appearance in a short, mysterious Super Bowl 2015 commercial definitely caught the internet’s undivided attention.

What sort of product was Spears plugging? Does she have some sort of movie hitting the big screen later this year? Unfortunately, there aren’t any answers to those pressing questions floating around this morning. In fact, no one seems to know what, exactly, Britney’s Super Bowl spot is all about. There are theories, of course.

The 10-second commercial finds Britney Spears singing in a mirror while applying Saints decals under her eyes. That’s pretty much it. Although there really isn’t much to go on, that didn’t stop social media from speculating wildly about what it all means.

“Britney’s getting ready. Are you?” the commercial asks.

If you missed the spot during last night’s game, you can check it out below.

While there are certainly a lot of Super Bowl spots worth discussing this morning with your friends, family, and colleagues, Spears’ commercial seems to have struck a chord with the internet. The folks over at Bustle seem to think Britney and her 10-second mystery essentially “saved the whole game,” though that’s probably up for debate.

“Sure, her comeback is alive and kicking with her Vegas residency, but still. It’s this Britney in the commercial — the happy, the talented (she sings! she sounds good!) the vibrant — that we want more of. That we miss. And yeah, I know you guys agree with me.”

The Daily Mail points out that countless fans immediately headed to Twitter in hopes of unraveling the mystery behind Britney Spears’ 10-second Super Bowl spot. As of this writing, these 140-character sleuths haven’t unearthed any solid answers. Of course, that isn’t stopping them from chatting endlessly about the commercial.

That awkward moment when a 10 second video of Britney Spears saves the entire Super Bowl.

— Mathias (@britneyspeans) February 2, 2015

Some are hoping that Britney Spears will perform at next year’s Super Bowl.

N*Sync with special guest Britney Spears for Superbowl 2016

—. (@ElephantQueen_) February 2, 2015

Are you planning to spend the rest of the day figuring out Britney Spears’ Super Bowl commercial? What could it possibly mean?

[Lead image via YouTube]