'Indian Matchmaking' Star Aparna Shewakramani Gets Candid, Calls Life Since The Show Aired A 'Roller Coaster'

Indian Matchmaking star Aparna Shewakramani got candid about her experience with the popular Netflix program on Sunday in an interview with Vulture. The 35-year-old lawyer from Houston shared how she got on the show, what life has been like since it was released, and provided an update on her relationship status.

Aparna applied to be on the show after seeing a post on Facebook from a friend. The Houston native was boarding a flight at Los Angeles International Airport and quickly sent in her information. Two weeks later, she received a call from casting.

The lawyer went into the experience with an open mind and believed that it would yield a positive result. She had tried all different avenues before and liked the notion of the romance that would ensue if it was successful.

"I thought it would actually be the cutest story, if it could work. And I was pretty sure it would work."
Viewers watched as Aparna was direct in communicating her wants in a mate with the matchmaker, Sima Taparia, "from Mumbai." The attorney often had deadpan delivery of her likes and many dislikes in partners. Sima called the 35-year-old "stubborn" on several occasions, a notion that a facial reader also commented. The matchmaker did find some possible suitors for Aparna, and the lawyer dated several of them.

INDIAN MATCHMAKING (L to R) Pundit Sushil-Ji and Sima Taparia in episode 5 of INDIAN MATCHMAKING.

Unfortunately, none of the men turned out to be a boyfriend for Aparna, although she does still speak with several of them often. The Texas native talks to Shekar Jayaraman every day for hours. Aparna called the Chicago attorney a "big support" and confirmed that the two are "really close friends." Some may be surprised to learn of the friendship between the two. On the episodes, both agreed that they wanted different things in life and acknowledged that they had little in common.

Aparna revealed that she watched the series as soon as it aired a few weeks ago, and her world has not been the same since.

" I watched [the series] at 2 a.m., because it dropped in L.A. at midnight and I'm in Houston. It's been a roller coaster since."
Since Indian Matchmaking has aired, the reality star has come to grips with the stardom that has come from the show.
"It hit me yesterday that, a week ago, no one in the world knew my name except for my friends and my family. Now I literally can't avoid my name."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, many fans were left wondering if there would be a second installment of the popular program. As of right now, there has been no formal announcement from the streaming giant.