Clumsy Baby Elephant Struggles With Tire Toy [Video]

Elephant News released an adorable video of a clumsy baby elephant playing with some tires that were tied together.

It’s not easy being the world’s biggest land mammal, even if you’re a baby giant land mammal. The massive size doesn’t leave much room for maneuverability, and it looks like three tires tied together easily trip up the baby in the video above.

The video description says, “the baby elephants at Elephant Nature Park can be naughty sometimes! We provided tires for them to play with, and this is what they do without any encouragement or training from humans.”

Still, it’s hard to tell if this baby is playing or just plain out aggravated by the toy, which repeatedly trips the the clumsy giant.

Nevertheless, it’s adorable to watch.


According to, African elephants can weigh up to six tons when fully grown and can stand as tall as 11 feet. Although this baby elephant is living a carefree life, others face numerous hardships.

A documentary called Gentle Giants: The Lives Of Captive Elephants, illustrates many of the problems faced by the giant animals in captivity, including being slaughtered for ivory and captured to perform in the tourist industry.

A new trailer for that movie can be found here.

[Image via Elephant News/YouTube]