Well Played: Forecaster Handles Weather Map Glitch Like A Pro [Video]

Arizona is known as a hot state, but this seems a bit ridiculous. According to CNN, the weather map showed the town of Cave Creek at a high of 2960 degrees, Wickenburg at 2385, and Fountain Hills at 1665. Luckily, residents could take refuge in Scottsdale where it was a mild 64 degrees.

The weather man did what he could to save the people who would likely instantly burn to a crisp.

“1,270 (degrees) in Ahwatukee. Now, I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but this temperature seems pretty high. And frankly, Wickenburg (which was listed at 2,385 degrees) is a total loss.”

The weather man’s name is Cory McCloskey, and according to his bio on Fox 10 he’s been forecasting weather since 1989. Normally good improv skills are an asset for actors, not newcasters, but McCloskey proved they’re just as valuable in front of a weather map predicting the end of the world.


“I think steel boils at about this temperature (the map read 2,960 degrees) so Cave Creek, there’s probably nothing left up there right now. So don’t even bother looting up there. It’s not going to be worth it.”

It’s still not clear what caused the weather map to malfunction in such a spectacular way, but hopefully no one made evacuation plans based on the shocking broadcast.

[Image via Fox 10/Youtube]