WWE News: Randy Orton Being Advertised For Monday’s RAW — What Will His Role Be?

He was supposed to return at Survivor Series, and he was supposed to return at the Royal Rumble— now it appears that WWE is planning on having Randy Orton make his return to WWE television tomorrow night on RAW.

Orton has been out of action for several months now, and was originally written off of television to shoot WWE Films’ latest project, The Condemned 2. The filming process ended the day before November’s Survivor Series, which made Orton free to return to the ring; however, Orton was nursing some injuries and wanted to take time to fully recover before he stepped back into the squared-circle.

After the last RAW of 2014 went off-the-air, Randy Orton made his WWE return and saved John Cena from The Authority. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Orton would need Deviated Septum surgery, and could be out of action for another four to six weeks.

Since Orton has been off of television, he has been working WWE live events sporadically, and was working with Kane, who will likely be his opponent for WWE Fast Lane.

WWE’s plan for Orton is to have him face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, and — of course — put Rollins over. Until that match, the plan will be for Orton to do what Dean Ambrose was doing to Rollins several months ago, which is to interrupt every one of Rollins’ cash-in opportunities.


WWE could very well have Orton appear after RAW goes off-the-air on Monday; however, that’s unlikely. WWE is lacking depth right now, and if Orton is ready to return, there’s no reason to keep him off of television.

As of right now, Orton is a babyface, but he may not be a babyface for long, especially if the fans eventually accept Roman Reigns as the company’s top babyface. Orton has made it very clear that he prefers being a heel, so there’s a chance that WWE could turn him back heel following his match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.

On top of Randy Orton returning, tomorrow’s RAW will answer a lot of questions about WWE’s immediate future, as WWE COO Triple H will address the Roman Reigns controversy, and likely give WWE fans a better idea of what the WrestleMania main event will look like.

[Image via WWE]