Former Vegetarian Turned Huntress Receives Death Threats Amid #BringAKidHunting Campaign

A former vegetarian turned bow hunter, Jen Cordaro, is receiving death threats from animal rights activists. The threats came after Jen began promoting her campaign aimed at getting children into the outdoors through hunting.

According to ABC10, Jen Cordaro is from Oceanside, California, and is an avid bow hunter. Jen "The Archer" Cordaro began receiving death threats from animal rights activists after she started a program called #BringaKidHunting. To promote the program, Jen posted pictures of herself with her student hunters on her Facebook. This is where the backlash began.

Many animal rights activists claim that Jen is promoting animal cruelty to impressionable young children. In fact, a petition is circulating calling for action against the female bow hunter. The petition is titled, "STOP Jen 'The Archer' Cordaro from teaching children to become animal murderers!!!"

Jen says that she has received a number of disturbing messages since the #BringaKidHunting campaign went live and says she is "rattled" but not giving up.

"I wouldn't quite say that I'm scared, but I'm a little rattled. I'm not going to run. I'm right here and I'm going to stay here and advocate for outdoors and hunters and for kids in the outdoors. That's the bottom line."
The remarks include name calling such as one message that read, "I would not let my children near such a vile, sadistic murderer as this piece of human trash." Others are more direct in threatening Jen's physical well-being.
"Give me 5 minutes in a room with her and I would make sure she feels the same pain and cruelty she dished out!"
Ironically, Jen says she used to be a vegetarian and claims that it was the sustainability movement that got her interested in the prospect of hunting for her own food. The Daily Mail reports that Jen says the "local, sustainable food movement" is what got her thinking about responsible meat eating.
"Being the eaters, I think its important to be responsible meat eaters. Hunting is, in my opinion, the most responsible way for me to go and acquire meat."
Though animal rights activists aren't too keen on Jen's frequent hunts, it seems that the children participating in the #BringaKidHunting program love it. Anni Boelter, whose son signed up for a class last fall, was quick to take up for Jen. Boelter says that the program was "phenomenal" and that Jen has "the biggest heart."
"It was phenomenal. I was in a safe zone while they were hunting. Went at two in the morning and they enjoyed the entire day. She's got the biggest heart and for her to be attacked in the way she has been … it's a shame."
Shannon Caldwell said her daughter, MacKenzie, also had a wonderful experience with Jen. For Caldwell, the simple fact that her daughter never once reached for her cell phone or an electronic device during the whole day spoke to the quality of the program.
"Not only hunting, they took her to an archery range, to lobster hooping, to learn how to shoot a gun; just all around fun. Kept her outdoors, she never touched her phone or other electronics around. It was overall one of the best weekends. She said it was like Christmas every day."