New Beauty Products From The Local Drugstore

Allure‘s assistant editor, Jenna Rosenstein, shared her favorite new beauty products found at the local drugstore. Her top favorites were: Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion in Hydrating, Gillette Venus Swirl Razor, and L’Oreal Paris Infallible Smokissime Powder Eyeliner Pen. All three products have caused a stir in the beauty industry.

Although Bustle points out that Nivea is not the first to come up with an in-shower moisturizer, it favorably compares it to the previous product attempt by Olay. The reviewer adds, “This stuff is thick and creamy, a quarter-sized dollop will suffice, and yet it rinses evenly and cleanly. I didn’t feel like I was coated in any sort of icky, sticky residue. I could feel the added softness before I even toweled off.” The brand’s new in-shower moisturizer has received some buzz on Twitter, as well.


Similarly, the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor even found itself a topic for the Boston Globe. Marketing its new product launch for January 19, Gillette added a unique feature to the bathroom-staple by maximizing the razor’s ability to contour to the body. It took Gillette five years to develop the new razor, which included a product testing on 7,000 legs.

Sonia Fife, Gillette’s general manager for North America, notes that the new razor has several benefits.

“It was designed to be able to contour across the tricky areas of a woman’s skin. We really think that Venus Swirl will set that new standard in women’s shaving.”

Rosenstein’s third recommended new beauty product is from the L’Oreal Paris line. The Infallible Smokissime Powder Eyeliner Pen is a one-step eyeliner that achieves that fashion-forward smokey eye look. Lasting up to 14 hours, the gel-based powder is a new spin on the endless beauty products available for the popular makeup trend.


There are always new beauty products out for consumers to trial and error. Inquisitr recently shared Jessica Alba’s beauty tips and Lupita Nyong’s laidback approach to beauty. Social media is always promoting the latest anti-aging brands or other beauty products. For magazine editors to take the time to test products that are not high end is convenient for fashionistas.

Jenna Rosenstein spent “the better part of December” researching products to find the best brands. Her list of over 30 best beauty products focus on drugstore finds. As she notes, the “sheer volume of options” can be overwhelming for consumers. Her efforts show an interest in finding quality products at a great price for anyone in any budget.

[Photo courtesy of Allure, Nivea, Gillette, L’Oreal]