#@TheGym: State-Of-The-Art Fitness Facility That Caters To Millennials, Technology Obsessed [Video]

There is no better place to get the perfect selfie than while at the gym. In fact, it is commonplace for gym-goers to “check-in” to their gym online before snapping a “sweaty selfie” to share with the world. In a world that seems more obsessed with appearing as though they are healthy than actually getting fit, comedy genius Razmig came up with the perfect solution. The concept comes to life in the #@TheGym video parody.

What if there was a fitness center that offered ample seating for those moments you need to check your social media accounts? What if there were wall-to-wall mirrors to ensure you could snap a photo of your perfect angle? Need a cell phone charging port? No problem at #@TheGym.

Not only did Razmig create a hilarious video parody of common place occurrences at the gym, he even went so far as to create a webpage for the concept gym. Website goers can learn “7 things you never knew about iPhone yoga that will change your life forever” or “sign-up” for gym service. The gym’s slogan is “Come for the workout, Stay for the WiFi.”

Not convinced that society has an @TheGym problem? Do a simple Twitter search of “@TheGym” and see what you find.


So who exactly is Razmig?

“Razmig is digital content producer and generally funny person. His content has gone viral and featured on Comedy Central, MTV, and more. He was a Google Video blogger in 2005, before migrating to YouTube in 2006. He posts 2 videos a month.”

For those hoping to join #@TheGym, a coffee shop may be a better option.