Pit Bull Fears Flatulence Noises, His Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

A less-than-ferocious pit bull named Bullit has an unusual phobia — he fears fart sounds. Bullit stars in a 2009 Youtube video showcasing the canine’s dread called Bullit Doesn’t Like Farts. After being resurrected on Reddit, the video went viral and now have over 2 million views.

Spoiler alert, the pit bull’s owner is now actually farting throughout the video according to the Huffington Post. The owner is simply making farting noises that startle and distress the dog. Given a dog’s powerful sense of smell, perhaps the fear is justified.

Still, not all stories of dogs and farting are as pleasant as this one.

The Daily Caller reports that one unfortunate pit bull was turned into a pet rescue center. The reason? the unfortunate dog farted too much.


The pet rescue center had a high death rate for its dogs, and the one-year-old pit bull was put on the urgent list once returned, meaning that it would soon be euthanized if a loving owner tolerant of flatulence could not be found.

Luckily, that dog’s story eventually went viral over social media, and an owner was found in time to save the poor little pooch.

Another dog, a small French bulldog, is afraid of even his own farts. It’s amazing that dogs can be so brave saving peoples’ lives, but also have such unusual fears and quirks.

[Image Credit: Youtube]