Mama June Lays Down The Law — Poodle, Stay Away!

Mama June Shannon isn’t taking any man’s crap in 2015, not from “Sugar Bear” Thompson and certainly not from his brother, Lee “Uncle Poodle” Thompson.

The feud between Mama June and Uncle Poodle started in October 2014 when TMZ broke the story that Mama June as back in contact with, and possibly dating, a convicted child molester, Mark McDaniel. To make matters worse, Mark McDaniel was convicted of sexually abusing Mama June’s oldest daughter, Anna. Mama June tried to defend herself, first by saying that she hadn’t had contact with McDaniel. When photos of the two together emerged, Mama June again tried to cover for herself by saying that McDaniel may have been wrongfully convicted.

Mama June’s association with McDaniel led to the cancellation of the family’s reality television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, much to the annoyance of Uncle Poodle.

Lee “Uncle Poodle” Thompson’s feud began shortly after news broke that Mama June and McDaniel had rekindled their relationship. When the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services began receiving calls of concern over Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s welfare, Uncle Poodle stepped up and expressed willingness to take custody of Honey Boo Boo from Mama June if need be.

That apparently didn’t sit well with Mama June. According to RadarOnline, Mama June has forbidden Poodle from seeing Honey Boo Boo.

A friend of the family broke the issue down for RadarOnline.

“Lee has not seen Alana since the whole scandal started in October. June banished Lee from the family, even the girls. She blames him for all the family’s fans turning on her.”

According to Poodle, Mark McDaniel was cozying up to Honey Boo Boo despite Mama June’s insistence that McDaniel was safe. Poodle stopped short of accusing McDaniel of abusing Honey Boo Boo, but claimed that the contact occurred during a secret getaway in September, just before the scandal broke. The source said that Poodle is heartbroken that he’s lost contact with his niece, but there isn’t anything he can do.

Is this the latest example of Mama June blaming others for her mistakes?

During an appearance on Dr. Phil, Mama June wouldn’t admit to McDaniel’s history of sexual assault, and even tried to deflect the blame back onto her daughter. She also broke up with Sugar Bear just before the McDaniel scandal broke, claiming that he was cheating on her.

Meanwhile, Mama June is still preparing to move into her dream house with her daughters, but neither Sugar Bear nor Uncle Poodle is welcome to visit.