Star Trek Phaser Goes Up For Auction on Propworx

A Star Trek phaser, valued at $60,000 is going up for auction on February 21, through Propworx. The rare prop was used in the original Star Trek television series. For fans, the phaser is a piece of sci-fi history.

Inquisitr recently covered the 48th anniversary and anticipated the 50th anniversary in 2016 of the Star Trek television series’ debut. The anniversary will coincide with Paramount’s Star Trek 3 that features Claudio Miranda’s Oscar-winning digital cinematographic talent. The franchise boasts a popular collection of television series and movies that have captivated fans for decades since its 1966 television debut.

It is this popularity and loyalty from fans all over the world that make the phaser auction a special event. According to CNET, the phaser is made of fiberglass and was part of the 1968 episode “Assignment: Earth.”

The prop does not actually fire or present any real danger as a weeapon. Its design was merely to look good on television. The phaser is also one of only two remaining. However, its estimated price is due less to its practicality and more for its association with the show’s cast of famous icons, including Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

Fans of Star Trek are avid on social media, sharing old quotes, pictures and videos of their favorite scenes and moments. Ahead of its time, Star Trek made science-based entertainment part of pop culture. The series, created by Gene Roddenberry, impacted fans and stars alike, as everyone has their own favorite moments.

As the 50th anniversary approaches next year, fans are sure to see an increase in auctions, sales and promotional events. There have been concerns that the celebration may not fit the franchise’s historical impact. With a heavy influence on science lovers and glorified geeks, Star Trek is sure to draw a number of tributes.


Besides bidding more than $60,000 on a prop phaser, fans could continue to support the Star Trek franchise by hosting viewing parties and encouraging scientific explorations in their real lives.

Charlie Jane Anders of io9 reflects on the deeper importance of Star Trek‘s message:

“Humans need to struggle to create a better galaxy, and the struggle is what makes our humanity meaningful — that’s one of the core tenets of Star Trek.”

The new movies have taken some liberties to refresh the story for new fans and today’s technologically-savvy generation. Yet, the original impact of the franchise is its ability to provide such endless storytelling. From science-fiction, laced with character development and friendships, it is easy to see how Star Trek paved a unique path in entertainment.

(Photo courtesy of Propworx)