Ricardo Medina Jr. Arrested: ‘Power Rangers’ Actor Charged With Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Roommate With Sword

Ricardo Medina Jr. played a sword-wielding warrior on Power Rangers Samurai, but police in Los Angeles say the actor used a real sword to stab his roommate to death during an argument.

The actor, who was known as Rick Medina on the Power Rangers shows, was arrested by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday after a fight between Medina and his roommate, Joshua Sutter.

Police said that Ricardo Medina Jr. tried to hide inside his bedroom with his girlfriend, but Sutter forced his way into the door. Medina then stabbed Sutter in the abdomen with a sword.

Medina called police, and Sutter was taken to the hospital but pronounced dead when he arrived.

Ricardo Medina, Jr., starred on Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002. He later appeared on Power Rangers Samurai, where he played a mysterious sword-wielding figure named Deker.

Medina also made a number of other television appearances, including the VH1 reality show Kept, in which he and 11 other men vied to become a “kept man” of supermodel Jerry Hall.

It was not noted whether the sword Medina allegedly used to stab Sutter was related to his work on the Power Rangers series. Medina’s IMDb profile noted that he is a collector who keeps items related to his favorite toys, including Transformers.

Medina also aspired to be a role model, with his profile noting, “[Medina] was inspired to act because he wanted to use the attention to make a difference and be a positive role model.”

Medina appears to have left acting, and now works with The Hollywood Men, a group of male strippers based out of Los Angeles. The group has made a number of television appearances, the company noted.

“These stunning male strippers have been invited on local and national television shows such as The Bachelorette, Entertainment Tonight, The Tonight Show, 9 on the Town, National Enquirer TV, Fox 11 News, Telemundo and KMEX.”

“They have also been interviewed by local radio personalities such STAR 98.7’s Jamie and Danny, Ryan Seacrest, Lisa Fox, and Lara Scott, Kiss FM’s The Nastyman, KLOS’ Mark and Brian.”

Power Rangers star Ricardo Medina, Jr., is still in jail on murder charges. His bail has been set at $1 million.