‘Teacher Snow Day: Saturday Night Live’ Skit About Teachers Brings Buzz, Literally, And Teacher Backlash [SNL Video]

Well, the SNL video called “Teacher Snow Day – SaturdSay Night Live that was uploaded to YouTube eight hours ago — at approximately 4 a.m. ET on February 1 — is certainly bringing lots of online buzz and controversy. The Hulu version of the Saturday Night Live “Teacher Snow Day” video already has more than 1,600 Facebook likes. Several reactive comments appear beneath the video from Facebook, perhaps mainly from teachers, who complain that the SNL skit that shows teachers partying, doing drugs and getting naked at school during a snow day represents a bad example of educators everywhere. Other teachers comment to the folks leaving bad reviews to lighten up — but not literally, as in smoking stuff in the chemistry lab — because the “Teacher Snow Day” Saturday Night Live video shows enough drug usage ON ITS OWN.

Thoughtful reactions on YouTube, like from teacher Dana Gumm, are flowing into the site in reaction to the “Teacher Snow Day” Saturday Night Live video.

“As a teacher, I find this insulting. Sure there are a few funny lyrics, but drug use isn’t funny. We work hard and sure we love snow days but this harms the professionalism that we deserve. I’d never say such awful things about my students. (Ex. F*** you kids!) Some of my kids are starving on snow days because the only food they get is at school. I worry about them on snow days. Crap like this harm the teaching profession. Shame on SNL.”

The main thrust of the ‘Teacher Snow Day” Saturday Night Live sketch is to show that it’s not merely students who are happy when a snow day is enacted, but overworked teachers as well. The funniest part of the SNL skit could very well be when J.K. Simmons shows up in the ‘Teacher Snow Day” music video for SNL, as reported by United Press International. That’s because the Saturday Night Live guest host is also an Oscar nominee, and you don’t necessarily expect to see J.K. Simmons rolling up on the scene in his minivan rapping. SNL viewers probably really didn’t expect to see Simmons pretending to go without his pants in the rap video, which shows SNL regulars partying, talking about tugging body parts, smoking blunts and describing the real meaning of the PTA acronym, and that “A” doesn’t stand for “association” in Saturday Night Live‘s version of a wild day of no school.

“If you thought teachers spend snow days at home grading papers, you thought wrong.”


With talk of “Fifty Shades sex” and hard-core thugging teachers that have tenure so they can do what they want, it’s no wonder the salacious snow day is making some viewers laugh and others angry.

“Zero f&8ks given, this is blizzard living.”

“We sleep all summer so when it’s blizzard weather we’re in our prime, motherf*9k3rs!”

As reported by the Inquisitr, videos like this one and the Kevin Hart On “Saturday Night Live: Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015″ have a tendency to go viral when they are written well, acted out superbly and grab the viewers.

[Image via SNL’s Teacher Snow Day video]