Leann Rimes Shines In Duet With David Gray

Country singer Leann Rimes joins British singer-songwriter David Gray in a duet version of his song “Snow in Vegas.” The song was originally released as part of his 2014 LP Mutineers.

Gray explains, “Our collaboration sprang from a chance backstage meeting during my recent US tour.”

Leann Rimes and her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, have been fans of David Gray for several years. The pair have frequented his concerts through the years, including a Los Angeles show when the couple were dating back in 2009. During his Phoenix show, Leann joined him on stage to sing the duet version of the song. It is no surprise that Rimes would team up with Gray to record “Snow in Vegas,” which is due for release on February 23.

Leann Rimes praises David Gray, noting, “David’s an inspiring musician, vocalist, songwriter and performer who has a way with words and melodies like no other. I have been a fan of his story telling and soulful voice for as long as I can remember.”

David Gray has built a reputation since his debut over 20 years ago for being a soulful sound with meaningful lyrics. White Ladder was his most successful album, yielding several number one hits in the UK for Gray. His description of his latest album gives Mutineers some refreshing changes from Gray’s usual work.

“I got slightly away from the narrative of the kind of crucified middle aged man. I got into other more ethereal territory, and it was such a relief to me. And when these wide open vistas of the new sound began to emerge in front of my eyes, I rushed in.”

Leann Rimes was proud to share the news of her collaboration with her Twitter fans, too.


David Gray was also happy to share the news of his new release and duet with Leann. Noting that he had felt for a long time that the song would work well as a duet, David told his Facebook followers that he was “blown away” by Leann’s vocal talent. Both artists took to promoting the new single a couple of weeks ago.


While the original of the song features Gray’s vocals to highlight his romantic lyrics, the new release with Rimes packs a powerful punch with harmonies. With imagery about snow and old roads, Gray sings about two lovers who are meant to be together because of their shared flaws.

“Lying here with you on top of me
There’s nowhere on this earth that I’d rather be
And just when I was thinking
We’d come about as far
As this old road could take us
Time to pull on over baby
Yeah just stop the car
And it falls like snow in Vegas”

The Inquisitr previously reported on Leann Rimes and her Christmas tour of performances. The country singer has been busy with collaborations, including a recording of “Lullabye, Goodnight My Angel” for Billy Joel. In recent years, Leann Rimes has received praise for her timeless vocal accomplishments since her 1996 musical debut, including a stunning tribute to Patsy Cline at the 2013 American Country Awards.


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