Annie Lobert, Sex-Trafficking Survivor, Tells Truth About Underground Sex Industry And Super Bowl [Video]

On Sunday, February 1, Americans were on the edge of their seats, ready to see which NFL team would become champion at Super Bowl XLIX. With a sudden turn of events near the end of the fourth quarter, the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time in their team’s history.

Unfortunately, the Super Bowl reportedly has a dark side too. Multiple articles throughout the years report how the biggest event of the NFL season is a an important time for sex trafficking. The Inquisitr presented news on the situation, starting with an initial report back in 2012. Since then, sex trafficking during the Super Bowl reportedly became the largest venue for sex traffickers to push product. As a matter of fact, one ring was busted for selling “party packs,” a combination of cocaine and sex with girls newly trafficked into their business during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Even with all the news on sex trafficking presented above, there is a lack of evidence to concrete evidence to link the industry to the Super Bowl. However, insight may now be given as a survivor of sex trafficking speaks the truth of sex trafficking to the most popular televised event in the United States. For many, this will surely be eye-opening.

Annie Lobert
Annie Lobert, a survivor of sex trafficking, talks about the Super Bowl's link to the underground industry.

According to an exclusive on FOX News, Annie Lobert writes that she is a survivor of the sex trafficking industry. For more than a decade, Annie worked as a high-class escort and was trafficked to Minneapolis, Hawaii, and Las Vegas. The escort agency above her expected Annie to take as many calls possible within a twelve-hour shift from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following day. A typical shift averaged twenty different men. It did not matter how tired she was or how much money was made as long as she was loyal to her shift. Failure to keep up with shifts resulted in a $1,500 fine. What’s worse, Annie’s pimp took 100 percent of her earnings once she finished for the night.

Though the above scenario is typical for high-class escorts, there is this belief that Super Bowl weekend is the busiest time for them. It is even believed they might do even more during the NFL’s most important weekend if they are located in a city considered a mecca for sports gambling and conventions such as Las Vegas. Apparently, that is not the case. Annie Lobert writes that Las Vegas has 39 million visitors annually. On every weekend, Annie is kept busy 24/7, 365 days a year, even if it is the Super Bowl.

Sex trafficking is a $32 billion a year industry in the United States alone. It victimizes between 300,000 to 400,000 American children every year as per a statistic by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Finally on a global scale, the International Labor Organization estimates that 4.5 million people are trapped in forced exploitation.

In conclusion, Annie Lobert explains wherever there are Smartphones, computers, strip clubs, or massage parlors, there is sex being sold to those who ask for it. And if sex is sold, sex trafficking is going on at the same time too. It is literally happening everywhere, all of the time. So instead of just waiting for the next Super Bowl “awareness campaign,” such as Huffington Post reporting a campaign in which women posed in life-size toy boxes, Annie asks people to become more proactive.


More about sex trafficking can be learned through the interview Annie Lobert had with FOX News. In the video below, Annie provides a lot more on the industry, not just what was reported above.

If you want to become more proactive in fighting against sex trafficking, you can learn more at the non-profit organization Annie Lobert founded, Hookers for Jesus. There is more information at their official website that addresses the harmful effects of prostitution, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation linked to pornography and the sex industry.

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