Man Turns Huge House Into Cat Playground [Video]

A man in Goleta, California, has turned his 3,000 square foot home in a giant cat playground, complete with catwalks, spiral slides, and ventilated litter boxes. The video (shown above) shows how his 14 rescued felines spend their days exploring, climbing, and lounging.

Peter Cohen is a contractor and the founder of Trillium Enterprises. When he bought his current home in 1988, it came with two outdoor cats who quickly won over the contractor’s heart. According to the Daily Mail, one of those cats died and the other was injured after being hit by a car.

Cohen adopted another cat to keep the injured feline company, which evolved into a yearly tradition of adopting about two cats a year, usually unwanted black cats or cats with crooked tails.

In 1995, Cohen was inspired by Bob Walker’s book The Cat’s House and began installing catwalks for his furry friends. He admits the catwalks alone cost at least $40,000. The Huffington Post reports that the cost is alright with him because it’s a labor of love.

“Way more expensive than a sane person would build, but I didn’t care. I love my cats, my house and art, so I designed it to be beautiful to me.”

He added, “Giving rescued cats a better life means giving them a place that is solely their own. They give us unconditional love, and building the catwalks is one way of expressing my gratitude for that.”


Now Peter Cohen lives in his massive house with his partner Manuel Flores, roommate Hiro Furumoto, and 14 cats. The cat playground is more than just a great place for cats.

“The catwalks are for the cats but they’re also for me. They’re architecturally interesting to me in the colors and we always try to do something interesting with the shapes.”

Cohen says he frequently receives questions from people wanting to build their own cat playground.

[Image Credit: Youtube]