Jason 'Blu' Griffith, Today: Cirque Du Soleil Killer Still In Prison, No Info On Parole

Jason 'Blu' Griffith, the man who murdered his girlfriend, Fantasy dancer Debbie Flores Narvaez, in 2010, is still incarcerated for her death. According to prison records, he is incarcerated at the High Desert State Prison. His mother is still fighting for his case to be reheard. She insists that it was Debbie who was constantly harassing her son. According to her, it was his girlfriend's possessive ways that caused him to break up with her in early 2010.

With Debbie, Jason had his own personal Kim Kardashian look-a-like.

Early 2010

After a series of intense fights, break-ups, and make-ups, Jason decided that he didn't want to be with Debbie anymore. He told any and everyone that she was crazy, jealous, and too possessive.

And by late spring and early summer, the relationship had cooled. But, by the time Debbie Flores' birthday comes around, Jason Griffith had a change of heart and reached out to her by sending her a pair of sneakers as a birthday present, leading Debbie to invite him over to see "how they fit."

When Jason arrived, the only thing Debbie was wearing were the sneakers. No sooner than he stepped in the door, they were back in bed, and back in a frenzied, disjointed relationship.

Debbie had confused that passionate moment with Jason to mean that he wanted to be back in a relationship with her. The truth was, Jason had no intention on seriously dating her again because he was still busy trying to pursue a relationship with another woman that he had been seeing, and also a third woman.

By the fall, Debbie was well aware that Jason was seeing someone else. She even caught another dancer at his home. From early October leading up to Debbie's disappearance in December, there were a series of brutal fights on the street between Jason and Debbie, leaving her with many severe bruises. Jason's abuse had escalated to new heights. And in a few short weeks, Debbie would be dead.

The police were called to the scene several times, and Jason was facing some serious domestic violence charges. His life had began to spiral down, and he told friends that he was contemplating suicide.

When she didn't show up to rehearsal, and later failed to show up to work that night, everyone knew that Debbie was in trouble. No one could find her. All calls to her cell phone went unanswered, she wasn't at her apartment, and no one had heard from her. After her car was found in a seedy part of town, her family had that gut-wrenching feeling that something bad had happened to her.

It was worse than they thought. They later learned that the night Debbie went missing, she had been lured by Jason to his apartment to watch an episode of Dexter. She was never heard from after that. An investigation led detectives straight to Jason Blu, who insisted that Debbie left his apartment headed to work.

In the end, it was a friend of Jason's that blew the lid off the case. He told investigators that he helped Jason get rid of the body. He even led them to a home in Las Vegas, where the body was being stored. When police arrived at the location, they found that Debbie's body had been dismembered and packed with cement, which was found in two large footlockers. Investigators also learned that Jason had tried to store the two footlockers that contained Debbie's dismembered body at the home of one of his other girlfriends.

Jason Blu Griffith was finally arrested and charged with murder. He told police that he killed Debbie in self defense because she had come to his apartment with a gun. The jury did not buy it, and they convicted him of second-degree murder.

Jason's mother was upset by the verdict. She blames Debbie for provoking her son and is doing everything she can to bring awareness to the case. In a video that was created about five months ago, she discusses her son's case.

Since her tragic murder, several Facebook memorial pages were created for close friends and family. Some of Deborah Flores Narvaez' writings can also be found on line. Here is a snippet.
"I am well-cultured, quick witted, intelligent, considerate and humorous. I'm blessed with a substantial amount of common sense. I am confident, tolerant, loving, realistic, big-hearted... I am also very driven, ambitious, determined and dedicated - qualities that permeate every aspect of my life. I have broad tastes and interests. I am looking for a partner in excitement, someone willing to jump out of a plane with me, then relax at sunset and just cuddle. If there is a way to be wild and crazy and tranquil at the same time, I'm it! It's important to live life to the fullest as you don't know what tomorrow will bring...or if it will be here, but still have a good outlook and presence for the future. And the most IMPORTANT thing to remember in this life... Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!! "
Debbie's sister, Celeste, who stayed in her apartment when she came out to Vegas to look for her, was glad that the man who killed her sister was being sent to prison, but it did nothing to lessen the deep pain that their family feels every single day. Jason Omar 'Blu' Griffith is currently serving 10 years to life in prison, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. There is currently no information available about his parole date.

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