Super Bowl Special: Key & Peele Hold Hysterical Press Conference As Marshawn Lynch And Richard Sherman

Comedy Central duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are at it again, this time rocking the guise of the most tight-lipped stars of the NFL, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Marshawn Lynch.

In the hilarious video for their Super Bowl special, Sherman, played by Key, and Lynch, played by Peele, share the stage at a press conference and revealed many a things, and well, nothing at all. One probably wouldn’t come away knowing anything more about the big game, but you’d definitely get a little insight into Sherman’s views on Oscar nominations for movies like Selma and The Lego Movie.

And Lynch’s constant utterance of “biscuits and gravy” (which relays a time when the real Marshawn Lynch spent an entire postgame interview repeating the phrase “I’m thankful”) may leave you with a craving for the Southern staple.

Key & Peele’s Super Bowl Special aired Friday night on Comedy Central. You can watch more sketches here.


[Image via Comedy Central]