‘The Mindy Project’ Spoilers: ‘No More Mr. Noishe Guy’ Bids Farewell To One Of The Team

Fans of The Mindy Project have a difficult goodbye ahead in the next episode. Adam Pally, who plays Dr. Peter Prentice, is bidding farewell to the gang. It has been known for a while that Pally would be leaving at some point, but fans are bracing themselves for what will surely be a comedic yet heartfelt goodbye. What Mindy Project spoilers are available regarding the big episode ahead?

TV Guide teases that the Season 3, Episode 14 show is titled “No More Mr. Noishe Guy.” Mindy will have the opportunity to start her own practice in San Francisco where she’s temporarily based. Will she really make such a big move, considering her love Danny Castellano is back in New York?

Making things even more difficult is that Mindy Project spoilers reveal Mindy will find out that Danny has bought a house for them in New York. In addition, both Peter and Jeremy will struggle with the decision Lauren has made to move to Texas.

As E! Online shares, Peter will make a big decision: rather than say goodbye to Lauren and her son Henry, he’s apparently going to go with them. Peter has been in love with Lauren for a while now, standing by as she pursued the possibility of a future with Jeremy. Now, however, it seems that Peter, Lauren and Henry will decide that they are meant to be together, even though it takes him away from the practice in New York.

Mindy Kaling shares that they always knew that Adam Pally would only be with the show for a while, but viewers didn’t know that was the case until recently. It may have taken a while for him to grow on some viewers, but now he feels like an integral part of the family. Luckily, it seems that his goodbye may not be entirely permanent.


Tuesday’s episode is a farewell to Dr. Prentice, but he actually will pop up a few more times before the end of the season. As Kaling teases, it’s not a total cold turkey situation for fans. TVLine previously shared that Pally has a development deal with ABC Studios, so The Mindy Project’s loss is ABC’s gain.

Pally’s departure isn’t the first significant cast change in the three-year run of Kaling’s show, but this one will definitely be felt by fans. Tune into the February 3 episode to see Peter’s departure on The Mindy Project and see what you think of how it all plays out.

[Image via The Daily Beast]