Pink Cadillac, Contents Of Elvis Presley Shrine Sold At Auction

Anne Kennedy

The entire contents of a ramshackle shrine to Elvis Presley went up for auction Saturday morning, selling quickly for a sum that has many local Elvis fans feeling left out after missing the opportunity to nab kitschy souvenirs.

The Associated Press reports that more than one hundred people came together at the eccentric home of late Presley superfan Paul Macleod, who had amassed thousands of items associated with "The King" over a lifetime. The bidding began with two cars owned by MacLeod, after which the entire contents of the Holly Springs, Mississippi, house dubbed "Graceland Too" were put up for bid.

It took less than an hour for the bidding to come to a conclusion. Auctioneer Greg Kinard said that advertisements for the sale of the massive lot of Elvis Presley memorabilia had mentioned that everything would be offered all at one time, meaning that individuals didn't have the option to purchase just one or two items from the massive Elvis collection.

The winning bid came not from one of the Presley fans on site; instead, an unidentified man from Georgia won with an online bid of $54,500.

Kinard said that the buyer has just 15 days to remove all the Elvis memorabilia from the home. The list of items inside includes guitars Presley played during his career, ceramic figurines, lamps, and commemorative plates depicting the star, and a homemade electric chair that the late MacLeod built in his back yard, which oddly enough has nothing to do with Elvis Presley.

Other items clearly associated with Elvis, who would have celebrated his 80th birthday this year, include polyester ruffle-front dress shirts in the style the star was frequently seen wearing. Leather jackets and Presley-inspired beaded jumpsuits were also part of the collection.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports that the short-lived auction left many attendees wanting more.

"It's kind of a letdown," Graceland Too lifetime member Lisa McGee told a reporter. "Tacky Elvis is good Elvis. I would have loved to have a keepsake."

Graceland Too is unaffiliated with the late Presley Graceland estate located in nearby Memphis, Tennessee, but it was a local tourist attraction that attracted visitors and intoxicated college students alike.

One bidder managed to leave with an iconic pink Cadillac emblazoned with the Graceland Too logo. Holly Springs resident John Stuber, who outbid another attendee, won the car for $4,000.

"I always wanted a pink Cadillac," Stuber said. "I just never knew it until today."

While the late MacLeod often boasted that his Elvis Presley collection was worth millions, attorney Phillip Knecht said that the estate would settle for as little as $50,000, which would pay off the estimated $20,000 to $25,000 debt MacLeod left behind. The two-story house will be sold separately.

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