Debbie Flores Narvaez: Showgirl's Dismemberment, Cement Murder Will Debut On 'Fatal Attraction'

Traciy Reyes

Debbie Flores-Narvaez, the beautiful Las Vegas showgirl who was murdered by her boyfriend, will have her case featured on an upcoming episode of TV One's Fatal Attraction at 9 p.m. Central on Monday. 31- year old Debbie Flores-Narvaez, aka Debora [Deborah] Flores, made news in 2010, when she disappeared and was later found dismembered and packed in cement. Her boyfriend, Jason 'Blu' Griffith, was arrested and charged with her murder.

Watch the Fatal Attraction tease and trailer for episode "Dance Of Death: Debbie Flores Narvaez" here.

"Debbie Flores-Narvaez was a beautiful showgirl looking to fall in love. But when she vanishes without a trace, investigators can't help but wonder if she had gotten caught up in the lifestyle of the night and had ended up as just another of the lost souls missing from the City of Sin. But when Debbie's car turns up across town, investigators uncover a love triangle involving the reigning queen of the Vegas showgirls and a dark secret so lurid it could be worth killing for."

Debbie Flores Narvaez was a feisty Latina who had a zest and a passion for life, a go-getter who didn't let anyone or anything stop her from her dreams. As a child, the Puerto Rico native came to America without knowing English, but quickly learned the language and settled into her new life in Baltimore, Maryland. She trained as a dancer and by her teen years, she was an expert cheerleader. In high school, she was known in school as 'Lil Rican' because of gorgeous hair, her beautiful gold jewelry, and her nice figure. And all of her friends say that when Debbie was your friend, she was your friend for life. Loyalty was the most important thing to her.

By the time she graduated high school, she already knew that she was going to college to get some degrees. And get some degrees---she did---finishing with a Bachelor's in International Business and a Master's Degree in Finance, according to Gary C. King's article Death of a Showgirl.

During the 2007-2008 season, the exotic Flores lived her dream of becoming a Washington's Redskins cheerleader. In 2009, after losing her job in the finance department, she decided to leave Baltimore behind and follow her life-long passion of becoming a showgirl in Las Vegas.

Anybody who knew Debbie Flores out in Vegas say that she was 'something serious' when it came to her career as a burlesque dancer. When she danced, she moved with precision, and anyone watching her could see the passion and the intricate detail in every glide---and in every step.

She was at her happiest out in Las Vegas. You see, many girls dream of becoming a Las Vegas showgirl, but Debbie achieved it. Most anything she wanted, she got. She was only missing one thing; love. She thought she'd found it with a man named Jason Blu Griffith, a nice-looking dark-skinned young man who worked as a Las Vegas 'Cirque du Soleil' dancer at The Mirage.

Debbie had grown exhausted with men. In fact, the relationship with her former boyfriend was so tumultuous that it ended with him accusing her of harassment and securing a restraining order against her. Despite those problems, Debbie was hopeful that her relationship with Jason would work out.

They were taken with each other instantly. He loved her beautiful long dark hair and her nice hips. He liked her passion for dance and for life. And Flores liked the fact that Jason was mesmerized by her. She was excited to find someone who was just as intense and just as passionate in a relationship.

In the bedroom, their sexual passion was fire. And it is that fiery passion that kept Debbie going back for more. She had found out that Jason was a cheater who couldn't be trusted. But, the chemistry and the loving between them was so strong, she couldn't seem to pull herself away. That sexual chemistry between them can be seen in a music video that Jason created.

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