WWE News: WWE RAW Outtake Video With Daniel Bryan And Renee Young Accidentally Shown During Universal HD Replay

In a big blunder by either WWE, Universal HD, or both, it appears a leaked outtake video has emerged. The video comes from the “snowed in” WWE RAW this past week during the Daniel Bryan interview segment. Apparently, Universal HD released a leaked interview version during their RAW replay instead of the complete live version we all saw on RAW.

For those who do not know, Universal HD is a NBC Universal network that is available is several countries showing all NBCU content. NBC cannot get every channel they own outside the United States, so Universal HD allows them to show their content from all of the American networks NBCU has. This, of course, includes USA Network and all of it shows, including WWE RAW.

In the leaked video, Renee Young and Bryan were rehearsing their interview that was set to air live on WWE RAW that night. Usually a video like this never makes it past WWE, as they put out a complete version of RAW on USA Network just fine each week. They also do most of the interviews live during RAW, which is why rehearsal video is rarely if ever seen.

Since WWE was snowed in, they really had a lot of time to spare because no one was preparing for matches that same night. So they rehearsed a good bit. It was mainly an interview show with replays of the WWE World Heavyweight Title match and Royal Rumble match from the Royal Rumble PPV the night before.

In the video, Bryan goes through his interview quite well, and once it is over, he asked if everything was good with it and more. He even brings up using the term “pro wrestler” along with how he spoke of Roman Reigns. We must make Roman Reigns look strong, of course.


This is the first time that WWE ever had a blunder like this come out on television. It is uncertain what exactly happened. The only thing that makes sense is that WWE sent a replay copy and the Bryan rehearsal interview was in the mix instead of footage from the live RAW. WWE doesn’t like for you to know things are rehearsed, most would assume. Even on Total Divas, which pulls back the curtain quite a lot, WWE does not show rehearsal footage.

Since WWE rarely makes production mistakes like this, we probably can’t expect it to continue. Keep in mind that it was a crazy week for them, and this kind of mistake isn’t too weird to see. Obviously, WWE will make sure footage sent out is from the normal show going forward. Check out the video below.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]