Sheislane Hayalla: Beauty Queen Runner-Up Yanks Crown From Winner’s Head [Video]

Sheislane Hayalla, runner-up in Brazil’s Miss Amazon beauty pageant, is the very definition of a sore loser.

Although people may be used to sports players arguing with referees on the football field, or the moment of drama when a baseball coach gets in the face of an umpire to loudly contest a call, to see a beauty pageant queen absolutely lose it over the judges’ decision is something unique. After all, a beauty queen is graceful, composed, known for her compassion and kindness… unless, of course, you are Sheislane Hayalla.

The drama unfolded just moments after the judges announced Carolina Toledo the winner during the January 30 beauty pageant, which was held in Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon. Hayalla disappeared into the background as the winner took center stage and allowed herself to be consoled by other pageant contestants as the sash was placed over the head of the winner.

At first, as tradition demands, runner-up Hayalla forced herself to congratulate the new 2015 Miss Amazon. But then, as much as she may have tried, Hayalla just totally couldn’t take the disappointment of being runner-up and showed herself to be a very sore loser.

The video shows Hayalla reach up and snatch the crown from the winner’s head, and then, to add insult to injury, she spikes the crown on the floor and then pointed her finger at Toledo and fired off an unknown insult before storming off of stage while other pageant contestants and audience members looked on in shock. (Luckily, one audience member wasn’t too shocked not to record the footage shown below.) Distraught pageant officials and organizers hastened to recrown their winner, who is also a law student, and security officials rushed backstage to restrain sore loser Hayalla.

But it wasn’t just the disappointment of losing that caused Hayalla to behave this way, she claims. Instead, she claims that the winner, Carolina Toledo, bought the title.

She says, “Money talks in Manaus and I wanted to show the Amazon people money doesn’t talk here.”

She summed up the entire situation, from her own viewpoint, very succinctly.

“She didn’t deserve the title.”

Carolina Toledo declined to comment on the crown-snatching incident, saying only, “This is an unbelievable feeling. I don’t have words to explain the way I feel.”


As the winner and titleholder of Miss Amazon, Toledo will now represent her state in the national Miss Brazil beauty pageant. Historically, Miss Amazon performs very well in that contest.

As runner-up, Hayalla would normally be expected to participate in events and functions for the next year in order to represent her state. But beauty pageant officials are currently deciding whether or not to punish the runner-up.

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