God’s Cell Phone Battery Dies: Mophie 2015 Super Bowl Commercial ‘All-Powerless’ Gets 1.5M YouTube Views [Video]

Stop what you’re doing and watch this Mophie 2015 Super Bowl commercial “All-Powerless” that’s getting major views on YouTube right now. The creative commercial from Mophie purports to show what their fictional world says would happen if God’s smartphone was low on battery life. That’s when the tsunamis ensued, there comes massive looting — even by a priest wearing his collar and stealing a flat screen TV — and a man is walked by his dog, not the other way around. The “all-powerless” Mophie Super Bowl ad title is a play against the Bible’s habit of calling God, Christ, and Scripture “all-powerful,” which is a hint towards how the Mophie ad will end.

Published on January 29, the Mophie commercial is already striking a major chord with YouTube viewers who’ve sent the view count soaring near 1.5 million views. Indeed, the structure of the Super Bowl ad makes folks wonder what’s causing all the chaos around the world, with tornados sending people flying into the air, and a ferris wheel rolling down the street.

There are hurricanes in Nebraska, snowy blizzards in Africa, absolute chaos as tsunamis rip through Paris, and more. The Mophie commercial reminds one of the type of scenes described in the Book of Revelation. Finally, a Morgan Freeman-esque man is shown as God in heaven looking to his phone, which is near the end of its battery life and displaying the red portion of the battery.

“Gosh darn it,” he muses.

“When your phone dies, God knows what can happen.”

The description beneath the video on YouTube alters that text slightly.

“When your phone dies, who knows what can happen. mophie. Stay Powerful. Visit http://www.mophie.com to find out how.”

Listed as the first commercial on the list of Super Bowl 2015 commercials, as reported by ABC News‎, the Mophie Super Bowl spot is one of the many ads that companies have already released prior to the Super Bowl. Such commercials are getting big-time views from those on the lookout for early ad releases. Other Super Bowl ads, like the Snickers “Brady Bunch” Super Bowl commercials with Danny “Machete” Trejo playing Marcia Brady, and the EAT24 Super Bowl 2015 commercial with Snoop Dogg — along with more serious Game Day ads like the Super Bowl domestic violence commercial wherein a battered woman pretends to order pizza but calls 911 instead — are going viral prior to the big game, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via Mophie Super Bowl ad]