Suge Knight Murder Case Just Got A Lot More Complicated

If the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office thought the murder case against controversial rap mogul Suge Knight would be a slam dunk, they were sadly mistaken.

Celebrity news site TMZ reports that the LAPD had been hoping surveillance cameras in the Compton neighborhood where Suge Knight allegedly ran over two people, killing one of them, would provide evidence of a crime. Suge Knight and his attorney were hoping the hypothetical video surveillance footage would exonerate Knight. Both sides must be equally disappointed to learn that the footage doesn’t exist.

According to Knight and his lawyer, Knight was attempting to flee after he was attacked. Knight’s attorney, James Blatt, elaborated in an interview with KTLA News in Los Angeles.

“We feel strongly that Mr. Knight did not do anything wrong in this matter. He was attacked by a number of individuals — that’s already been corroborated by certain witnesses. He left the scene because he was in fear for his safety and life.”

According to Blatt, Knight, who is a native of Compton, was at the scene of the eventual hit-and-run accident to meet with longtime friend and business associate Terry Carter. Knight claims that two to four assailants reached through the window of his truck and beat him. The unidentified men reportedly said they intended to pull Knight out of his truck and kill him. While fleeing the scene, Knight struck 55-year-old Terry Carter and 51-year-old Cle “Bone” Sloan. Sloan is recovering from his injuries, but Carter died from his injuries. Knight maintains that he had no idea he’d struck anyone, much less killed them.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office sees the accident and the circumstances surrounding it differently. According to sources at the Sheriff’s Office, Knight was parked at Tam’s Burgers when he got into a physical altercation with Sloan through the window of his Ford F-150. Allegedly, Knight backed his truck into Sloan, knocking him over, then put the truck into drive and accelerated, running over both Carter and Sloan before speeding away.

According to the LA Times, homicide detectives were reviewing surveillance footage as recently as Saturday, Janruary 31. The hope had been the footage would clarify Knight’s intentions during the incident.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, witnesses at the scene say an altercation took place, but they also say that Suge Knight clearly ran over Sloan and Carter on purpose.

Homicide detectives are still searching for a bystander who might have recorded the incident.

Update: TMZ reports that the LA County Sherrif’s Office has possession of a video that may show at least a portion of the hit-and-run accident. Sources at the LA County Sheriff’s Office would not confirm the content of the tape, only that it is in their posession.