WWE News: WWE Worried About Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns ‘WrestleMania’ Main Event, Seth Rollins Cash-In Coming?

WWE fans aren’t the only ones yet to be completely sold on the WrestleMania 31 main event. WWE themselves seem to be worried, but maybe not for the same reasons fans are. WWE’s biggest worry comes down to Brock Lesnar. There is a worry that he will not re-sign with WWE when his contract comes up after WrestleMania. He has yet to sign, even after some offers have floated his way. Many speculate that Lesnar will leave WWE and head for the UFC after his contract ends.

The main worry is that WWE feels it could be a similar disaster to the one they had 11 years ago with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at WrestleMania 20. Both men chose not to re-sign with WWE, so the two faced off at the big event and left right after. Goldberg only signed on for a year, and Lesnar had only been with WWE for about two years before calling it quits.

WWE fans knew both were leaving, and that killed the vibe. WWE tried throwing in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as referee to add some fan love, but it still didn’t work. A WWE source was noted in saying this match “has disaster written all over it.” Of course, fans believe this regardless of Lesnar signing with WWE or not. This is why many are against the match happening.

Daily Wrestling News reports that WWE feels if they cannot get Lesnar to re-sign, they would consider changing the WrestleMania main event. Seth Rollins is said to be a “contingency plan” if WWE cannot come to terms with Lesnar. They’d have him as a cash-in that would allow the match to change at any point. The match will have Roman Reigns in as a guarantee, so we know for a fact that Reigns will main event WrestleMania. The only issue is, who will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going in?

Vince McMahon and Triple H both want Reigns in the main event, but they have considered changing the match to accommodate any issues that might arise.

Rollins MITB

A plan was in place at one point to have a triple threat involving Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. This was actually a Triple H idea, but WWE decided against it by having Reigns win the Rumble and having Rollins lose and not cash-in his MITB case on Lesnar.

Most expect WWE to not add anyone else to the main event this year, but plans could change depending on Lesnar. DWN also reports that Vince McMahon is quite confident he can get Brock to re-sign. While many think that Lesnar will still leave for the UFC, Vince does have the ability to offer more money to keep Lesnar.


If money is the issue, Lesnar will not be leaving WWE. If it is more than that, nothing Vince can say will change Brock’s mind.

Basically, the main event of WrestleMania 31 is in an issue. It really all comes down to Lesnar. Many think that if WWE keeps Lesnar/Reigns in the main event with no added WWE Superstar, Lesnar will re-sign. If it is changed at any point, WWE is either not certain they’ll get Lesnar back or they know they won’t be able to. So we’ll have to watch and see if anything changes.

Many speculate that WWE will potentially change the main event soon, as Triple H claimed he was going to put the Royal Rumble controversy to rest on WWE RAW this week. What he means by this is uncertain as of now, but many are hopeful that a change of some sort will happen. A lot of people do not want this match to happen, and fans have expressed it by booing Reigns wherever he has been wrestling. While not guaranteed, it appears something will change within WWE soon. So Triple H’s announcement will most likely not be a letdown.

[IMG Credits: Fansided, WWE.com]