Laura Prepon a Method Actor? Actress Drank Vodka to Get Into ‘Chelsea’ Character

If you want to act like Chelsea Handler it would probably help if you had a few drinks. Laura Prepon, who plays the talk show host on the new show “Are You There, Chelsea?” said that she drank plenty of vodka before trying to step into Handler’s shoes.

Handler told CNN that she didn’t force Prepon to drink the booze, but she did encourage it. Handler said:

“I sent her a case of Belvedere to start.”

Prepon said that the case lasted her about a week. Prepon said:

“(It lasted) for about maybe a week and a half. All of my friends, they pre-game at my house, and have drinks before we go out. So that was an awesome gift.”

In case you missed the debut of “Are You There, Chelsea?” here’s a trailer for the new show.

Do you think Laura Prepon does a good job playing Chelsea Handler?

Prepon said that beside the mass consumption of vodka, she isn’t trying to act exactly like Handler. Prepon said:

“People ask me if I’m nervous playing Chelsea [because] she’s in the scene right next to me, but I’ve never been nervous or stressed out about it. She let’s me do my own take on her. Chelsea speaks with a certain pattern, and she helped me a lot with the particular way that she speaks, but other than that they let me do my thing.”

Handler was happy to let Prepon do her own thing. Handler said that as soon as she saw Prepon she knew she had the right actress to play the part. Handler said:

“As soon as we all saw Laura, we thought she was perfect. She’s very salty, she’s very down to earth, and she’s very direct, which are three things that I would identify myself with being.”

Did you watch “Are You There, Chelsea?” What did you think?