Three Reasons Sarah Hyland Is The Total Opposite Of Her ‘Modern Family’ Character

Sarah Hyland is most famous for playing the role of Haley Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family. For more than five years, the 24-year-old actress has played the quintessential teenage girl, making her a household name among fans of the ABC show. But she wasn’t always known as the eldest Dunphy kid. Before her Family fame, she was in the made-for-TV movie Annie in 1999 and in the Adam Sandler flop Spanglish.

Because of her on-screen role, many people have assumed that Sarah Hyland is a real reflection of her TV character. However, a quick peek on her social media accounts would prove that she’s actually one of the most likable stars on TV this decade. In real life, Sarah is actually a very humble, down-to-earth gal, and everyone she meets and greets totally digs her uplifting aura. A total opposite of her annoyingly shallow TV persona, Hyland might just be one of the nicest young stars in Hollywood right now.

Do you want more proof of Hyland’s awesomeness? Here you go!

1. She LOOOOVES pizza!

Pizza fans will love this. One thing we learned about Sarah Hyland last week is that she doesn’t just love a pepperoni dish, she worships it! In fact, she likes it so much she even brought one as her official date on the red carpet of the recently concluded SAG awards. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the actress munched down on some pepperoni (or was it Hawaiian) goodness while appearing before the press.

2. Sarah Hyland does her own laundry! Her OWN!

Could you imagine Haley doing her own laundry? Well, Sarah does her own — and more! Hyland recently lamented on Twitter how she had to finish her laundry for the weekend, do her dishes, tidy up her kitchen, and even make hummus from scratch! Marry me, please?


3. She loves some coffee in the morning

A party girl like Haley would kill for tequila shots on a Monday morning, but her real-life counterpart, Sarah, devours coffee like a dean’s lister two nights before chemistry finals.


It is incredibly admirable how Sarah maintains such a positive outlook on life, especially that she’s just come out of a rough relationship with High School Musical actor Matt Prokop. Prokop, who guested in a Season 3 episode of Family, was allegedly abusive towards Hyland during their relationship, according to recent reports from the Inquisitr

Nevertheless, despite all the romantic obstacles she’s been through the past year, Sarah Hyland still has her chin up and is dominating TV like never before.

[Image from Facebook]