Man Dies Of Heart Attack At Wheel Of Car After ‘Extreme’ Sex With Prostitute

Police in Czech Republic report that a 65-year-old man died of a heart attack at the wheel of his car after having “extreme sex” with a prostitute.

The Mirror reports that Wolfgang Eggers, 65, drove to the border town of Domazlice, Czech Republic, where he met up with Katerina Novakova, a 29-year old sex worker. The German then took her for a steamy drive in the forest where they had sex. Mr. Eggers then drove back to drop her off in the town.

Sadly, during the drive back to town, Mr. Eggers had a heart attack whilst driving and the car slammed into a wall. Initially, police thought that Mr. Eggers had died in the crash.

According to Best Digital, a police spokesman said “We received a call from a woman saying there had been an accident. What we couldn’t work out at the time was how the accident could have killed him as although the front of the vehicle was badly damaged the car interior was fine.”

When the police searched the car, they found Viagra and a woman’s lipstick. The police spokesman said that a post-mortem examination confirmed that Wolfgang died from a heart attack brought on by “extreme exertion.”

As police began to make inquiries into the incident, they quickly discovered that Eggers was a regular visitor to the town, which is notorious as a place were German men go to pick up prostitutes.

The police spokesman said, “[W]hen we discovered that, it was only a matter of time before we found out that at the time of the crash he had been in his car with one of the prostitutes.”

Further inquiries soon revealed that the hooker in question was Katerina Novakova.


Speaking to the local media, Ms. Novakova said “He was a regular client and a real gent. He used to come to me about once a week.”

She continued, “We had finished our business and he was taking me home when he suddenly stiffened, rolled his eyes and slumped on the wheel. We then drove straight into the wall.”

According to Standard Digital News, after confirming that Eggers had died from a heart attack, police are considering whether or not to charge Novakova with leaving the scene of the accident. It is not clear whether Egger’s heart attack killed him instantly.

Police said, “She had important information which could have helped us identify the circumstances of his death much quicker.”

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