Large ‘Classic’ UFO Orbiting Earth Spotted In NASA 1969 Apollo 10 Mission Photo

Ufologists say they have spotted a UFO in a NASA photo from the 1969 Apollo 10 mission. The UFO appears in the old NASA photo as a “large object” in orbit around Earth.

The Apollo 10 mission was the “dress rehearsal” for the Apollo 11 mission. The mission is best remembered in the UFO community as the one during which the crew of the Apollo Command Module captured on camera one of the most famous and mysterious UFOs in human spaceflight history — the so-called “moon pigeons” that NASA scientists and engineers remain unable to explain.

The YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1, who made the latest Apollo 10 UFO discovery and posted images to his YouTube channel on January 31, 2015, describes the UFO as a “large object found on old NASA photo.”

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scot Waring, describes it as a “classic UFO” with a “bulging center.”

“Caught in orbit around Earth during an Apollo 10 mission, this UFO looks awfully close to the Apollo module. The photo was taken in July of 1969 and shows a solid craft in high orbit. Notice the bulging center of the craft… much like we hear about in classic UFO reports.”

The video shows the UFO as it appears in the original NASA photo and also close-ups provided by Streetcap1. The UFO appears in orbit around Earth with a distinct and translucent oval bulge in the center.

Large UFO in Apollo 10 NASA Photo
Close-up Of UFO In Apollo 10 NASA Photo

Was it a man-made satellite in orbit around Earth in 1969?

As ufologists point out, there weren’t many man-made objects in orbit around Earth in 1969, and there certainly weren’t any of that size at the time.

Apollo 10
Close-up Of UFO In Apollo 10 NASA Photo

Is this yet another photo glitch? You may examine the photo and close-ups carefully and come to an independent conclusion.

Apollo 10 was NASA’s fourth manned mission in the Apollo program launched on May 18, 1969. The mission was designated as an “F mission,” that is, a “dress rehearsal” for a future landing on the moon.

The mission crew included Commander Thomas P. Stafford, Command Module Pilot John W. Young, and Lunar Module Pilot Eugene A. Cernan.

Flying in the Lunar Module (LM), Cernan and Young approached the lunar surface at a distance of 8.4 nautical miles (15.6 km), a critical point at which powered descent to the lunar surface commences.

The close approach allowed the mission to test landing systems and procedures ahead of actual landing in the July, 1969 Apollo 11 mission. The Apollo 10 mission accomplished the task of calibrating the landing systems, ahead of the Apollo 11 mission.


The close approach also allowed the crew to map the lunar surface in search of a safe landing spot for the Apollo 11 mission.

This is not the first time that a UFO sighting has been reported in connection with the Apollo 10 mission. Probably the best known during the Apollo 10 mission was the so-called “moon pigeons” UFO sighting which occurred after the Lunar Module, carrying Stafford and Cernan, approached the lunar surface.

While trying to secure a radar lock to help the Lunar Module dock back to the Command Module, the transponders malfunctioned. During the anxious moments that followed, the Command Module’s color TV camera filming the Lunar Module’s descent from above (see video) captured a white bird-like object moving across the lunar surface. The object, with the aerodynamic shape of a flying craft with wings, was observed briefly but clearly before it disappeared.

And soon after the sighting, the computers began functioning normally again and the Lunar Module was able to dock back to the Command Module despite a moment of fright in which the module spun widely and almost crashed due to an error by the crew.

ET and UFO researchers have speculated about the “moon pigeons” sighting, with many suggesting that it was an alien UFO trying to warn humans to stay away from the moon.

The latest UFO sighting by Streetcap1 could only further establish the conviction in the UFO community that an alien civilization was monitoring humanity’s early space flights.

[Images: NASA, UFO Sightings Daily]