Read Jessa Duggar's Love Letter From Ben Seewald: Did He Compare Her To Global Warming?

Treva Bowdoin

Jessa Duggar is getting ready for the upcoming season of 19 Kids and Counting by celebrating her marriage to Ben Seewald, and she recently posted something very intimate online that most lovers don't share with the rest of the world.

However, Jessa Duggar couldn't resist showing her Instagram followers just how much Ben Seewald loves her. The 19 Kids and Counting star decided to share one of her husband's love letters with her fans, and Seewald really pours his heart out in the handwritten note.

"When you smile at me, it takes my breath away, like my heart has been touched by an angel," he writes. "Your eyes sparkle like the first stars on a dark night."

The Duggars are big fans of their home state of Arkansas, so Ben name-drops the Natural State while describing Jessa's smile.

"Your smile brightens my spirit like the first gleams of sunrise after a crisp autumn night in the Arkansas Ozarks."

Most of the love letter is about Jessa Duggar's smile. Judging from one of Ben Seewald's final lines, her mega-watt grin is responsible for global warming.

"Your smile could melt the age old ice cap of Antarctica."

You can read Ben's full love letter to Jessa below. He even took the time to decorate it with two little hearts.


It's interesting that Ben Seewald is so obsessed with Jessa Duggar's smile -- the Duggar kids' grins are a hot topic among Duggar critics who claim that the 19 Kids and Counting stars are trained to smile no matter how they feel. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar follow the cult-like teachings of Bill Gothard of ATI and Doug Phillips of Vision Forum (or at least they used to), and they once promoted the parenting practices of S.M. Davis and Michael Pearl. According to Patheos blogger Libby Anne, Davis instructed parents that children "need to learn to obey what you say, do it right away and do it with a smile."

"The Duggars follow parenting methods that teach that children should only ever be allowed to be cheerful, smiling, and happy," Libby Anne writes. "The Duggar parents are following parenting gurus who teach that unhappiness or a sour disposition is disobedience. In this climate, what child would have anything but a smile?"

Now that Jessa Duggar is a grown woman, hopefully most of her smiles are genuine.

Jessa definitely had a good reason to smile last night -- Ben Seewald cooked her dinner, and it's not even Valentine's Day yet. Jessa made sure to provide photographic evidence of her husband slaving away in the kitchen.

"My man is making supper tonight!" she captioned the photo below. "He's such a Sweetheart! #Spoiled #BestHusbandEver."

Jessa Duggar Ben Seewald Cooking

Jessa also shared the results of Ben's efforts, and she claimed that he used his own recipe to whip up the pasta dish.

"Blow me away with the presentation! And yes, it tastes as good as it looks! My husband is an awesome cook! #CreatedHisOwnRecipe #SauceFromScratch Delicious!"

Jessa Duggar Ben Seewald Dinner

The last time Jessa Duggar posted a photo of food, there were tons of speculation that she was feeding a pregnancy craving. Her sister, Jill, got pregnant shortly after she walked down the aisle, so many 19 Kids and Counting fans expect Jessa to make her own pregnancy announcement in the near future. However, the Duggar daughter might be enjoying her freedom a bit too much to get knocked up right away.

Now that she doesn't live with her parents, she and Ben can go wherever they like without a chaperone. According to People, Jessa took advantage of this freedom back in December by going on a post-honeymoon vacation. Most newlyweds wouldn't dream of shelling out more money for a vacation so soon after their honeymoon. However, who can blame Jessa Duggar for wanting to enjoy her new life? Her only pre-marriage trips were with her massive family, and she spent years practically raising some of her younger siblings. Judging from how whipped she has Ben Seewald, he'd take her wherever she wants to go.

19 Kids and Counting returns on February 17, so get ready to see a lot more of Ben's professions of love for Jessa. The show will even feature scenes from the couple's honeymoon in Paris.

What do you think of Jessa Duggar's love letter from Ben Seewald?

[Image credit: Mark Kurowski via the Daily Mail]