Kim Sears: Andy Murray’s Fiancee Has Awesome Response To Critics Of Her Potty Mouth

Kim Sears took some heat for her choice of language while watching fiance Andy Murray advance to the Australian Open final, and on Sunday, she had the perfect response to her critics.

Just days after she was caught swearing during Murray’s semifinal win, Sears showed up at the final wearing a t-shirt that read “Parental Advisory, Explicit Lyrics.”

Kim Sears became a viral star during Murray’s win over Czech Tomas Berdych in the semifinal, when during a crucial point she was spotted getting a bit feisty in the stands.

It was not exactly clear what Sears said, but lip-readers noted there was more than one f-word involved.

The swearing fit also won Sears a lot of new fans as well.


Andy Murray also stuck up for his fiancee after the match, saying that she got caught up in the heat of the moment.

Murray added that it was one of the most tense matches he had ever played.

“The whole first set everyone was tight. My physical trainer, physio, I’m sure for Dani it was uncomfortable,” he said. “Even Tomas, who very rarely says anything on the court, there was tension there for him, as well. Yeah, in the heat of the moment you can say stuff that you regret. And, yeah, that’s it.”

Kim Sears and her passionate swearing wasn’t enough to help Andy Murray overcome Novak Djokovic, however. Djokovic broke open a stalemate late in the final to defeat Murray and take the Australian Open crown.

[Image via The Guardian]