Connecticut Woman Has Last Laugh With Self-Written Obituary

According to the obit in the Connecticut Post Saturday, Norma R. Brewer, 83, of Fairfield, died at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro due to hypothermia because her dog ate her socks and boots.

However, the mother and grandmother was just continuing a series of pranks and jokes she has played throughout her life into the next. Wheelchair bound, Brewer passed away recently from a stroke and made sure to write her own obituary before she left this mortal coil.

The obituary, published in the Connecticut Post, went on to detail how the 83-year-old was attempting to climb the 19,341 foot Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, but never actually realized her life goal of reaching the summit.

It continued that Brewer sadly passed away in the company of her daughter, cats, and her dog, Mia, who had apparently joined her on the trek at the last moment. The obit continued that there is a suspicion Brewer died from hypothermia after Mia the dog ate her warm winter socks and boots.

According to her daughter Donna, “It was just typical mom.”

“She always had stories, many of which were not true, but thought were funny.”

Speaking after her mother passed away from a stroke after being wheelchair-bound for over a year, Donna explained that people who didn’t know her mother are bemused over the whole obituary, but those who know her are laughing.

“People who know my mother are laughing and saying, `Yeah, that’s Norma.”’

After receiving many phone calls about the strange introduction to the obituary, including work colleagues, Donna did confirm that the rest of the death notice was correct.

Of interest is the fact that Norma Brewer was the daughter of W. Raymond Flicker, who was the former president and publisher of the Bridgeport Post, which is now known as the Connecticut Post.


Funeral services are set for Monday morning at the St. Anthony of Padua Church in Fairfield, where Kevin Lesko, the funeral director, also confirmed Norma wrote her own obituary.

While some still question why she made up the story of her death, her son Raymond said, “It more had more to do with the way she viewed the world. While life is serious, it shouldn’t be taken all that serious.”

Whatever the reason for her joke, her children honored Norma’s wishes and published the obituary.

“It was her way of having one last joke with the world,” concluded Raymond Brewer.

In other rather strange and odd news, the Inquisitr reports that Venezuela is trying to get more tourism from Spain, but they used a photo of a journalist, just released from their custody, as a lure to attract tourism.

[Image: Mt. Kilimanjaro CC by-SA Lee R. Berger]