Minnesota Man Accused Of Beheading Cat And Biting Girlfriend’s Ear

A Minnesota man received multiple charges after he bit off his girlfriend’s ear, tried to shove an umbrella down her throat, and set his girlfriend’s cat on fire before he beheaded it.

Michael Trudeau, 51, from Chaska, was arrested on Sunday after the shocking incident. Police officers from responded to a domestic abuse call and found a 42-year-old woman shaking in the corner of an apartment lobby covered in blood, CBS Minnesota reports.

According to the woman, Trudeau, her boyfriend of two years, beat her up in a fit of rage after consuming vodka the entire afternoon. The woman said that they had been arguing when Trudeau choked her, gouged her eye, and tried to shove an umbrella down her throat. She bit his finger in defense, but that only made things worse, as Trudeau bit off a part of the woman’s ear in retaliation.

The woman managed to escape the deranged Trudeau and was able to call 911. When the responders came, Trudeau refused to obey their instructions and was asking them to shoot him. The responders tased Trudeau.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident was not the first for Trudeau. The woman said that weeks prior to the domestic abuse, Trudeau lit her cat on fire just so he could prove a point. The woman explained the incident.

“When the cat was extinguished, [Trudeau] choked the cat with both hands until it died. After the cat was dead, the defendant went into the kitchen and used a pair of kitchen scissors to dismember the cat by cutting its head off of its body.”


Trudeau has a history of violence. In 2006, he was convicted of choking a dog to death. In 2012, he pled guilty to strangling his wife. Trudeau was charged with terroristic threats, animal cruelty, and first-degree assault.

Reports say that doctors failed to re-attach part of the woman’s ear after hours of surgery. In addition, she also had a detached retina due to the abuse.

Trudeau is currently in custody of the police. He is facing $1 million in bail for the charges, and if convicted, he may face a maximum of 34 years in jail including a $60,000 fine.

[Image via NY Daily News]