Bruce Jenner ‘Jokes’ Draw Criticism, ‘Transparent’ Creator Jill Soloway Apologizes

Transparent creator Jill Soloway caused a firestorm of controversy after posting an image of Bruce Jenner on Facebook on Thursday. The image appeared to mock Jenner’s gender identity, and members of the transgender community are outraged.

Soloway apologized Friday and took down the post, but screenshots had already been captured and posted all over social media. Now she’s facing criticism for her poor judgment in posting the image of Jenner as well as her show, Transparent, which just won a Golden Globe in January.

Trans blogger Amelia wrote a post with her thoughts on the show shortly after the mocking image of Bruce Jenner was posted.

“Trans characters should be played by trans actors. And trans stories should be written and told by trans people. These are ourstories to tell. Our lives and stories are not for cis entertainment or appropriation or profit.

“Yes, that’s ally-of-the-year Jill Soloway poking fun at Bruce Jenner’s gender and the speculation of him being trans. Using being transgender as a joke. Some ally. She should know better. She should be speaking out against others doing this. Instead, she’s joining in.”

According to Slate Magazine, the image consisted of Transparent characters’ faces replaced with Jenner and Kardashian family members’ faces. Bruce Jenner took the place of Jeffrey Tambor’s Maura. The title read “Transdashian.”

Underneath the image, Soloway wrote, “I couldn’t not. Someone sent it to me. Tell me it’s wrong and I’ll take it down.”

This seems to indicate she knew it wasn’t in good taste yet chose to post it anyway. editor-in-chief Tom Léger tweeted a series of comments with his thoughts on Bruce Jenner and Soloway using Jenner as a punchline.

On Friday, Soloway apologized for posting the insensitive image of Bruce Jenner and his family.

“Yesterday I saw an internet meme of the TRANSPARENT poster with the faces of Bruce Jenner and family photoshopped in to replace the Pfeffermans. It was not something we created, but as a long-time Kardashian fan and reality show obsessive, I impetuously regressed to a naïve, teenage self.

“It wasn’t until after I’d posted it on my Facebook page inviting debate that I saw it the way everyone else did: as a cruel mockery of the journey Bruce Jenner may or may not be undertaking. I took down the image immediately.

“Bruce Jenner has not said he is transitioning; his identity is his to share and no one else’s to determine. The well-being of the trans community is of utmost importance to me. As a cis woman I will never know what it is like to be trans. I acknowledge the hurt and pain of the trans community and welcome their feedback. I made a mistake; it was horrible judgment. My complacency is checked and it won’t happen again. Please accept my apology.”

Soloway isn’t the only one joining in on publicly mocking Bruce Jenner since speculation began about whether he’s undergoing gender reassignment. A few weeks ago, InTouch Weekly published a cover with a photoshopped image of Jenner shown in women’s clothing and makeup. The cover was not only as unflattering as possible but also a false photo.

Rumors abound in the media that Bruce Jenner will be getting his own show documenting his alleged transition. However, Jenner has not come forward to deny or confirm any of the rumors. As the Inquisitr previously reported, is it time to give Bruce Jenner privacy whether he’s undergoing gender reassignment or not? Many believe it’s past time.

What are your thoughts on Soloway’s post mocking Bruce Jenner?

[Images courtesy of FayesVille/ and the Huffington Post]