Chicken Claw In Domino’s Pizza: Man Bites Into Slice Of Pizza Containing A Nasty Surprise

A chicken claw was discovered in a slice of Domino’s Pizza after a customer bit into it. While munching on a Tandoori Hot pizza, the man felt a sharp object that had “lodged” in his gum.

Metro reports that Andy Eckersall from Stockport, Greater Manchester in Britain, bit into the last slice of one of the pizzas and felt something strange in his mouth. He describes the object being about an inch long and grisly.

“I initially thought it was a burnt piece. It stuck into my gum. When I pulled it out I saw it and it was this claw with gristle around the knuckle. I initially wanted to throw up. My wife was horrified. It was the last piece of that half of the pizza.

“It was not really solid because it had been baked. It could have hooked into someone’s throat. It could quite easily have been swallowed and got jammed.”

Eckersall and his wife bought two large pizzas, garlic bread, potato wedges and a bottle of Coke from Domino’s Pizza in Heaton Chapel. When the customer realized what he had in his mouth, he instantly called the pizza shop where he purchased it.

The pizza shop apologized to Eckersall for the object he found and told him they’d immediately replace the pizza, but he told them he didn’t want another pizza. Domino’s then said a driver would go out and pick up the claw, but the wait was longer than expected.

New York Daily News reports that it took about 20 minutes when the pizza branch was just five minutes away. He eventually talked to a woman who said they’d give him a refund and “send out a van.” The customer still hasn’t gotten a refund because it had to come from the head office, according to a manager. Nothing but hassles have occurred since then with emails and promises of refunds that never arrived within three to five days.

Eckersall shared his experience on his Faceboook page and posted a photo of the chicken claw. He also contacted the Environmental Health Department about what he found in the pizza.


A spokesperson for Domino’s Pizza issued a statement regarding the incident.

“The safety of our food is of upmost priority for Domino’s and we have strict processes and procedures in place for handling all ingredients and pizzas.

“We are currently working with the store to conduct a full and thorough investigation into this issue and ensure this is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.”

Andy Eckersall has gone through a lot of turmoil just to get a refund back from Domino’s Pizza after the chicken claw incident. It’s speculated that the claw got there from the supplier.

[Image via New York Daily News]