Woman Jailed After Faking Pregnancy, Abducting Newborn At Knife-Point To Keep As Her Own

A woman from North Carolina is behind bars after she faked a pregnancy and then abducted a newborn baby at knife-point to keep as her own. The woman was found guilty of child abduction and two counts of second-degree kidnapping.

WBTV reports that Andrea Endara, 27, was found guilty of child abduction and two counts of second-degree kidnapping following a strange series of events in 2012. According to the police report, Endara had spent months faking a pregnancy, going so far as to attend a baby shower in her honor. During the time of the pretend pregnancy, Endara befriended a 22-year-old woman, Carla Paz, who was the mother of a one-month-old baby girl and four-year-old child.

According to the Daily Mail, after befriending Paz, Endara offered to take her to work one day. However, instead of taking Paz to her place of work, Endara attacked her with a tire iron and pepper sprayed her. Following the tire iron attack, Endara then threatened the woman with a knife as she drove her to an apartment complex.

Once at the apartment, Endara took the two children inside. She left the baby girl in the apartment and then drive Paz and the four-year-old child back to their home and dropped them off only after striking a deal with Paz.

“She agreed to take her back [home] on condition the mother not tell her husband what happened. And to tell her husband the [baby] was kidnapped by two black males in a gray car.”

However, police were able to locate Endara and the four-month-old baby at the apartment complex where she lived with her boyfriend. Police reported that Endara’s boyfriend admitted that the baby was in the apartment when they arrived on the scene. Paramedics were called but the baby was unharmed. It is believed that Endara had planned on passing the baby off as her own following the fake pregnancy.

Following Endara being found guilty of the child abduction and second-degree kidnapping charges, she will spend a minimum of six years behind bars.

“The terms are 20-33 months, 31-98 months and 25-42 months in length. This means Endara will serve a minimum sentence of six years. She could be imprisoned for up to 14 years.”

The jury was unable to come to an agreement on assault charges for the tire iron attack.

What do you think of the sentencing? Should Endara also face additional charges for faking a pregnancy?