Charles Manson Trying To ‘Smuggle His Sperm Out Of Prison’ For His Young Bride

It appears that Charles Manson is hoping to welcome a new mini-Manson into the world via his young bride, Afton Burton. The mass murderer’s son is speaking out about his father’s desire to father another child with the young woman by smuggling his sperm out of prison.

The Daily Mail reports that Charles Manson’s son, Matthew Roberts, knows the real reason his aging father wants to quickly wed his young fiancé, Afton Burton (who also goes by Star). Roberts says that Manson wants to know what it is like to raise a child who is under more of his own influence. The mass murderer also wants to ensure he has a “legacy” once he is gone.

Roberts claims that Charles Manson is hoping to be able to “somehow smuggle his sperm out of prison.”

If Manson hopes to impregnate his young bride, he will be forced to do so by smuggling out the sperm as the couple will not be permitted conjugal visits. The Mirror reports that due to Manson’s life sentence, the closest contact guards will allow between the couple is a peck on the cheek during their weekly visits.

Though Roberts does not know how Manson will smuggle the sperm out of the prison, he did say that he agreed to help raise the child should Star pull off the feat. Roberts feels that his dad “deserves” to be able to enjoy “the benefits of marriage” regardless of his prison sentence.

“Part of the whole thing with him marrying Star is that he would love to have kids and he was waiting for someone to come along and provide that. Dad is legally married and deserves time to enjoy the benefits of marriage. Other prisoners in facilities around the world enjoy that privilege when they wed. I feel my dad and Star’s love is genuine, and that they have the right to consummate that marriage. I believe he is still physically capable of that. But, obviously his options are limited. Somehow he hopes to smuggle his sperm out of the prison.”

Roberts continues on to say that some of the guards in the prison have “sympathy” towards Manson and could potentially help him get the sperm out of the prison. Regardless, Roberts is certain that his father will have other plans to ensure Star is able to get pregnant.

“Some of the guards have sympathy towards him, but I’m not sure if they can help. It is illegal trying to smuggle anything either in or out of there. I ran into that myself when trying to get access to his DNA. The guards take that stuff very seriously. But, he is a very resourceful man, so he will have other plans too.”