Kaitlyn Yarnell: Oregon State Student Who Allegedly Turned In Kendra Sunderland Denies Being The Snitch

Kaitlyn Yarnell was identified as the Oregon State University student who turned in fellow student Kendra Sunderland for filming a porn movie in the school’s library, but denies being the snitch and now appears to have gone into hiding.

Sunderland’s video, which shows her alone on the sixth floor of the library in a racy scene that was uploaded to PornHub.com, went viral this week when the 19-year-old was arrested for public indecency. The video has made news nationwide, garnering plenty of attention not only for Sunderland but for the student accused of turning her in.

A police log identified 20-year-old Kaitlyn Yarnell as the one who first filed a complaint about Kendra Sunderland’s video.

But in a statement to GoLocalPDX, Yarnell denied dropping the dime on her fellow student.

“Yarnell denies filing the complaint. She told GoLocalPDX the complaint was sent to the Oregon State Police, using the email application on her computer, by one of her seven female roommates, all of whom are OSU students. She said the email was sent from her computer without her knowledge. When contacted through Facebook earlier Thursday, Yarnell denied any and all involvement. Within hours her Facebook page was inaccessible.

“She said her roommates learned of the video when fellow students, some of them members of an OSU fraternity, began sharing the video on social media.”

Sunderland told Heavy.com that she did not know Yarnell at all. Sunderland has since dropped out of OSU.


After being arrested on Tuesday, Sunderland admitted to creating the video and in a statement to her now-deleted Ask.fm page said she was “bored” during her time at Oregon State.

But the trouble for Kaitlyn Yarnell could just be starting. Even though she has denied turning in Kendra Sunderland, it’s likely she will see some kind of blowback for simply being accused of it.

There would seem to be a precedent for this kind of harassment. After Duke University student Thomas Bagley reportedly recognized fellow student Miriam Weeks (a.k.a Belle Knox) in an adult movie, causing her to be known across campus and eventually nationwide, he was subject to harassment and even accused of spending hundreds of dollars a month on pornography.

Kaitlyn Yarnell has not yet spoken about any blowback from her reportedly turning in Kendra Sunderland, but her quick retreat from social media indicates that she may at least fearful of it.