Good Grief! Winter Storm Linus Expected To Hit The Midwest And Northeast With 6 To 12 Inches Of Snow

The second major snowstorm of the year is expected to dump over a foot of snow in the Midwest Saturday night before it slowly makes its way east by Monday. Just as residents in the Northeast are digging their way out from under last week’s snowstorm, they can expect about a foot of new snow to cause more problems by the start of the week.

The National Weather Service says snow accumulations are expected to be from six to 12 inches from Iowa to Massachusetts, though some areas like northern Illinois, Indiana and northwest Ohio are predicting up to 14 inches of snow to fall. New York and New Jersey will be getting the worse part of the storm when it blows through their area on Monday.

As USA Today reported, the system causing the storm started off in the southern Rocky Mountains, where it caused accumulating snow in the higher elevations of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico on Friday. Some cities like Louisville, Cincinnati, Washington D.C. and Baltimore will probably see lighter amounts of snow or a wintry mix fall over their area. The storm is predicted to cover the Central Plains with a wintry mix as well.

Meteorologist Ricky Castro, who works for the NWS, said the storm is unusually slow moving and it is expected to effect much of the Northeast. Approximately 100 million people are in the path of this snowstorm.

“This is going to be a very high-impact storm for a large swath of the eastern half of the country.”

Cities on the East Coast are already preparing for this storm after being hit with accumulations of over 30 inches of snow during last week’s blizzard. However, new accumulations could cause traffic issues in places like Boston where there is still a lot of snow to get rid of on their narrow streets.


As Yahoo! News reported, after the storm moves out of the area, frigid temperatures in the single digits can be expected from Philadelphia to Boston early in the week. New York City may struggle to reach zero degrees by Tuesday.

As reported by the Inquisitr, last week’s storm, named Winter Storm Juno, practically shut down both New York City and Boston. It also caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled and, along with snow, caused flooding in some areas on the coast. Although this storm isn’t expected to pack the punch Juno did, it could snarl traffic and delay more flights in the east.

This weekend’s storm has been dubbed Winter Storm Linus by The Weather Channel.

[Image from AccuWeather]