‘Destiny’ Necrochasm Rifle Isn’t Worth The Effort, And That’s A Shame

Players finally got their hands on the Necrochasm in Destiny this week. That would be the unique auto rifle that evolves from a lowly common rifle to what is supposed to be a powerful Exotic piece of weaponry. Unfortunately, it does not look to be worth the effort after Xbox and PlayStation players waited almost two months to get their hands on it.

For those that don’t know, the basics behind details on how to obtain the Necrochasm can be found in this guide I wrote for Inquisitr. The elevator pitch version is that you first obtain the Husk of the Pit auto rifle from defeating a Swordbearer Knight on the Earth or Moon from a “Blade of Crota” event.

After you go kill 500 Hive enemies with the rifle, the Husk of the Pit then evolves to the Eidolon Ally Legendary auto rifle. It then takes multiple runs through Crota’s End Hard Mode to obtain the Crux of Crota. This is the final piece needed to evolve the Eidolon Ally to the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle.

After all the work, it should be one heck of a weapon, right? In reality, Necrochasm falls into the “meh” territory compared to most of the existing Exotic weapons. Let’s look at its stats and perk to understand why.

Destiny - Necrochasm (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

The Necrochasm has the maximum rate of fire available in Destiny at 100, but its impact is almost as low as you can get it at rating of only two. That fits in with the majority of the auto rifles introduced with The Dark Below expansion, and they mostly feel like rapid fire BB guns against higher-level enemies.

The Arc damage, 339 Attack rating, stability, and fast reload speed are all nice features of the Necrochasm, but these are offset by the disappointment of the rest of the weapon’s attributes. What good is the maximum rate of fire and the reload perks when the impact is so low and the magazine only holds 42 rounds? It takes almost a full clip to kill two standard enemies while a Major (yellow bar) will take around a clip and a half.

The Cursebringer perk was supposed to be what makes Necrochasm a coveted weapon. It makes enemies explode like a Cursed Thrall after killing them with a precision shot most of the time. Getting a precision shot kill is difficult though due to the weapon’s high rate of fire and, when you are able to get a precision kill, the explosion doesn’t happen nearly often enough and actually seems less effective than the Firefly perk on weapons like the Fatebringer hand cannon.

Destiny - Necrochasm (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)


The result is an underpowered Exotic auto rifle that takes a mind-numbingly long time to obtain due to the 500 Hive kills necessary to evolve the Husk of the Pit and multiple Crota’s End Hard Mode runs to evolve the Eidolon Ally. Other Exotic primary weapons like the Suros Regime or Red Death are preferable in the raid thanks to their life-regenerating perks. Legendary primaries with elemental damage like Fatebringer or Fang of Ir Yut perform better and don’t require as much work.

This is all a shame because Bungie hit the nail on the head with the Murmur fusion rifle. This is a unique weapon that can only be obtained by completing The Dark Below campaign missions and can switch between Arc and Solar damage. It’s a truly useful and powerful weapon that feels like it was worth the time to obtain. The same can’t be said of Necrochasm unless Bungie decides to buff it with either a larger magazine, greater impact, larger explosions, or some combination thereof.

It was supposed to feel like a journey to obtain a crazy powerful cool weapon in Destiny. Instead, it feels like a waste of time and that is a shame.

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