Watch Cute Animals Predict Who Will Win The Super Bowl, Patriots Vs Seahawks [Video]

It isn’t just humans making their predictions of who will win Super Bowl XLIX. A number of adorable animals across the country have made their predictions and chosen their favorite to win the 2015 Super Bowl game. So which animals picked the Patriots and which are placing their bets on the Seahawks?

In the video, you can watch as the extremely accurate porcupine, Teddy, makes his Super Bowl XLIX predictions. Teddy has accurately predicted the winner of the Super Bowl for the last three years. So who did the porcupine pick as this year’s winner? Teddy says the Seahawks will walk away with the Super Bowl rings this year.

It seems that Teddy has a little backup with his prediction as well, a “psychic bunny” made his selection and also predicts that the Seahawks will win this year’s Super Bowl.


In addition to the cute animals in the video above, KNWA reports that a crocodile, rooster, two manatees and a giant panda all made their 2015 Super Bowl predictions.

“Salty, a saltwater crocodile chose between two raw chickens and grabbed the one with the Seattle Seahawks’ logo. In Iowa it was Rudy, the rooster who also chose the Seahawks. Two manatees in Sarasota, Florida split their vote with one selecting the Patriots and the other the Seahawks. And finally, Le Le the giant panda at the Memphis Zoo picked the New England Patriots to beat Seattle.”

Which animal do you trust the most with Super Bowl predictions? Will you go with the historically accurate porcupine, or are you on team panda?