The Return Of ‘Resident Evil’, Now in HD And Horrifying As Ever

Resident Evil HD, which has been revamped for today’s high-definition video game systems, is a reminder of the roots of the survival horror genre, and why the world fell it in love with it. It’s a mix of suspense, some gore, puzzles to be solved and dizzying bursts of intense action.

The game takes players right into the mansion where the title takes place. Adrenaline increases as players eagerly await doors to open, revealing the next room. As in years past, zombies roam free in the home — This is the title that made zombie terror a popular video game pastime and likely started the zombie-obsessed culture of books, movies and TV today.

Despite being nineteen years old, Resident Evil has the ability to remain fresh and be a favorite of gamers. It’s also an icon to gamers everywhere – likely the game that first hooked them. Resident Evil launched a franchise that, over the years, has seen the release of nine games. It’s been made into comic books, movies, toys and other merchandise, even a series of novels. The premise on which this game was based has leapt from the video game console into the pop-culture world of The Walking Dead. With the re-release of the original, younger fans who may have missed its inception can now jump back into its beginnings with vigor.

The premise of the game takes us back to July 24, 1998, with an elite team of military personnel who are looking into the disappearance of some colleagues. They land in a wooded area and find their colleagues’ helicopter abandoned. While searching the woods for the missing, they are attacked by a pack of zombie-like wild dogs.

Most of the unit escapes by running through the woods to a nearby mansion and locking themselves in. They barely are able to bar the door before gunshots are heard inside the mansion. The three unit members left spread out to investigate (and avoid) the gunshots.


The game takes place through third-person, as team members move from room to room in the mansion, discovering pieces of the puzzle that tell the story of what happened to their missing colleagues while discovering the horrors of the mansion. It’s been considered technically difficult and at times can be slow and require expertise, although a new control scheme has been added to the game, which gives players a choice between the classic controls that many complained were too difficult. There is also the option of something far more straightforward, which is comparable to many modern games. However, the enigma of the unknown is the allure. You never really know what’s around the next corner or behind the next door.

Gamer Elf Princess has been acquainted with Resident Evil since it came out on PlayStation when she was twelve. She gives the remake in HD a hardy thumbs up.

“If you liked the original Resident Evil, then you will enjoy Resident Evil HD Remake. If you were only so-so on the original, you will probably still like this game quite a bit. It is a superbly done game, and everything I hoped it would be when I heard they were making an HD remake.”

It’s a timeless classic, an icon than no gamer should miss if they have never experienced it. If they have, they should revisit it for a gory and shocking run down memory lane.