‘The Voice’ Super Bowl Ad Looks VERY Familiar — Find Out Why [Video]

We are a few weeks away from an all new season of The Voice. So naturally NBC, which is hosting the Super Bowl, wanted to make sure that The Voice had a prominent spot during the most watched series ads of the year.

In the ad, we see our four Voice judges who will be with us for Season 8.

It’s definitely an “epic confrontation”, but wait a minute….this ad looks very familiar. At least it should.

The dystopian set up for the Voice ad borrows heavily from none other than the Mad Max universe.

It’s interesting to think of The Voice as set up in a distant future where the only thing that matters is your singing voice. As fans of Mad Max know, rather than one’s voice, it was one’s ability to get water that determined their ability to survive in a hostile, desert landscape. With so much of the Voice ad borrowing from this sci-fi thriller, it’s kind of fun to make comparisons.

First up is Voice coach Adam Levine. He arrives in a Mad Max-esque go-cart of sorts, comparable to the vehicles seen in the dystopian movies.

Adam is then joined by Blake Shelton, the other longest participating mentor on The Voice. Both of them are standing in what is clearly a take on the Thunderdome.

This is driven home by returning Voice judge Christina Aguilera, whose rocking a look not too subtly inspired by Tina Turner.

Finally, there’s Pharrell Williams, who is no doubt hoping for a better showing in Season 8 of The Voice.


Fans of Mad Max should give props to The Voice and NBC for representing the popular futuristic thriller, as (for now) it appears we will probably not be getting too much new footage during the Super Bowl.

Instead, we’ll likely be seeing new footage from upcoming blockbusters such as Jurassic World, Star Wars, and possibly even new Avengers: Age of Ultron footage. Though this doesn’t rule out an actual Mad Max trailer or new footage, The Voice borrowing so heavily from this franchise makes it kind of unlikely.

As for The Voice itself, we can only hope that there’s an overnight star waiting in the wings among contestants.

Season 7 ended just before Christmas, and winner Craig Wayne Boyd is hoping to make waves with his new album. But it might not be until next year until we know for certain whether or not these two seasons have brought us true star power from The Voice at last.

What did you think of this ad from The Voice? Will this “epic confrontation” produce an “epic star” on The Voice?

[Image Credits: The Voice Official YouTube]