Amber Portwood Speaks Out: Did She Break Up With Her Boyfriend?

Ever since being released from prison, Amber Portwood has been living a quiet life and trying to keep most of her private life private. When it was revealed that she had a boyfriend, fans were shocked, mainly because the Teen Mom star stayed pretty quiet about him.

Details about the much older man quickly emerged and included several arrests. Not only that, but it was revealed that he often tweeted mean things about the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 cast. Jenelle Evans quickly got online and started a small feud with Amber Portwood over the entire ordeal. All seemed well with Amber and her boyfriend; In fact the two even got matching tattoos together and her boyfriend, Matt, got the reality show star's name tattooed on his arm.

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported that the two had quietly broken up. Reportedly, Amber ended the relationship after she suspected Matt of cheating on her. A source also revealed that she didn't really trust him. Initially, Amber stayed quiet about the alleged break up, but after hearing about it, she spoke out on her Twitter account.

She also replied to Radar Online, the site that originally reported the story and simply said "never happened lol."

Amber Portwood has been dating Matt since last year. It is unclear exactly when their relationship began, but the two started out by taking things slow. In fact, the Teen Mom star spoke to Starcasm last September about her new man.

"I have been talking specifically to one person and I really do feel like I love him, but we're not together. We're taking things really slow. I have to get myself back in gear and tell myself, 'Ok, I can trust men, I just have to not be naive.' That's a problem that I have because I'm very naive when it comes to love… I do believe that I trust this man. I hope that I can trust him."

Once Matt heard the news, he also hoped on Twitter and defended his relationship with Amber.

Over the past few years, Amber has been through a lot. From a downward spiral to spending time behind bars, things have definitely been crazy for the mom of one. Despite everything, though, she continues to stay positive and is always sending love to her fans on Twitter.

Amber Portwood will be reunited with her Teen Mom cast mates as the show will return to MTV later this year.

[Image: via Twitter]