January 31, 2015
WWE Rumors: That 'Major' Triple H Announcement Will Be...

Triple H is said to be a fan of the r/squaredcircle subreddit that focuses largely on professional wrestling in all its forms -- WWE and otherwise.

Some have even said that "The Game" will go there for ideas and feedback on what the company is doing with its product. But now the tables have been turned, and it's the subreddit that is wondering about Triple H, particularly the "major announcement" he teased for this coming Monday Night Raw.

Little is known about what the Cerebral Assassin has planned, beyond the fact that it will be concerning the Roman Reigns situation.

Fans just about booed Reigns out of the building after he won the Royal Rumble 30-man battle royal last Sunday. The WWE Universe has heard the rumblings of a Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar main event since shortly after WrestleMania 30, and they were sorely disappointed in the last pay-per-view's outcome for a number of reasons.

1) Many, including WWE legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, don't believe he's ready from a mic or in-ring work standpoint.

2) WWE dumped on its naturally "over" stars at the Rumble -- Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose, were all thrown out with little ring time.

3) Reigns "napped" most of the match in the corner instead of making an impact.

4) WWE seems to be purposefully ignoring its fan base for no discernible reason.

These are the major factors that brought us to that "major announcement," and now the reddit community has a few ideas as to what the Game's announcement will be. Here's a roundup of the 12 most likely rumors.

"... he's gonna be addressing The Rock helping Roman Reigns, and hinted that they're setting up a star-studded must-see match for the next PPV... Rock and Roman VS Big Show and Kane."

"... Reigns will be getting his title shot at Fast Lane"

"Reigns vs Axel"

"Personally, I think there's a chance that there might be a draft split based on the way they're treating Smackdown lately. Probably not a good idea because they can barely book one show properly."

"Roman Reigns will have to run some kind of gauntlet or something, and if he wins he keeps his spot... they'll call it a fast lane match or something."

"Probably put up Romans number one contendership in a gimmick match with big show at fast lane."

"They are going to have another Rumble at fast lane. Whoever wins that will face brock and reigns in a 3way at mania."

"'I will confront sting at WWE Fast Lane.'... Not wrestle, confront. This will set up their WrestleMania match."

"Daniel Bryan vs Ziggler will happen at Fast Lane, winner gets into the main event of Wrestlemania."

"Daniel Bryan can be in the main event of Wrestlemania... IF he joins The Authority."

"Roman Vs Brock will be a loser gets fired match, because they need a reason why Brock is gone after Mania."

"I'm assuming he'll be inserting Rollins into the title match, then Orton returns to confront him."

What do you think Triple H has planned for Monday Night Raw's major announcement? Join in below.