Can Super Bowl 2015 Help Your Health? From Beer Benefits To Avocado Guacamole Glory, Here's How! [Video]

Can Super Bowl 2015 actually benefit your health? It's known as one of the worst days for calorie counters, with cheesy chicken wings, creamy dips, and crunchy chips expanding your waistline as much as a Thanksgiving dinner. But new research shows that if you choose wisely, you can nourish your body instead of damaging your well-being.

The newest research on beer, for example, shows that it contains a compound that can actually slow the decline of your brain, according to Healthline. More specifically, it's the hops in that beer that has the potential to shield you from Parkinson's disease as well as Alzheimer's.

So how much can you guzzle down on Super Bowl Sunday? It doesn't take much, said head researcher Jianguo Fang. Just one cup of beer with those chips can provide you with the protection that they found in the beverage.

And to remind you of just how much beer is associated with the Super Bowl, Budweiser is rolling out its puppy and beer commercial again this year as the Inquisitr reported.

With a cute puppy, gorgeous horses, and a handsome cowboy, it's designed to keep you happy during that commercial...and remind you that it just might be time for a quick trip to the fridge for a Bud to wash down those chips and dip.

But when it comes to choosing the ideal healthy dip for those chips, go for an avocado base, say researchers who have discovered that the green pear-shaped fruit contains multiple benefits, according to the Atlantic.

Scientists found that the healthy fats in avocado make them "nutrient boosters," helping the body to absorb lycopene in other vegetables, for example. And with low-carb diets becoming more popular, avocados also have blossomed into super fruit category.

In addition, avocados can lower your cholesterol, according to NPR. Researchers found that an avocado a day reduces the bad kind of cholesterol (LDL).

As a result, avocados even are receiving Super Bowl playtime in a commercial, reported Oregon Live. Paid for by Avocados From Mexico and created by GSD&M of Austin, Texas, the commercial showcases famed football players Doug Flutie and Jerry Rice.

But before you stock up on huge quantities of chips to go with those avocados, consider an alternative way to convey that dip to your mouth. Try raw veggies, for example, and include some good-for-your-diet mushrooms, advises Dr. William Lagakos, a scientist for Calories Proper.

What's the health benefit in mushrooms? They contain B12 and vitamin D. Certain varieties can even help with weight loss.

"Watching your carbs? Maitake mushrooms have compounds which block the digestion of carbs," adds Dr. Lagakos.

And if you're seeking the perfect recipe for guacamole, the California Avocado Board says that it's found it. The formula combines those avocados with tomatoes, onions, and other not-so-secret ingredients. And don't forget those tomatoes - as noted above, researchers say that eating avocado can help you absorb the lycopene, which provides you with antioxidants.

[Photo By Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]